2. Methods of Developing E-Commerce Websites (Part-6)


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2.51. Secure Certificate and Security Deals

The Payment gateway and security service providers give a clickable security log and you may install it in the check out page.


2.52. Prominent 1-800 Number

If you want to help your customers, then you give your contact number very beautifully in your page.

2.53. Live Chat

You may active, the live chat option for all the time for the customers.

2.54. Credit Card Type

Generally, when the customers use their credit card, then, ask that which type of credit card they use. So, for this, you do not keep the same type of credit card option. In this case, it is very good if you keep the auto detect credit card.

Payment Method

2.55. User Friendly Credit Card Options

I watch a thing that the Earth is one, but all things are different. So, for this, it seems to me that the earth is totally a complex one. So, online credit card processing system is a complex task in this earth. After that, every problem has a solution process. Now, I will discuss what the problems are and what are its solutions?

  1. Address Mismatch: This problem arises when the billing address does mismatch with the bank file address. In this case, you may advise the customer to give the previous address of the customer in the bank account. Because, bank and their credit card process update after every 6 months.
  2. Card Code Mismatch: The main cause of this problem is that the customers give wrong security codes. Then, you meekly would say that your security code is wrong and how do you get the credit card security code and why the code is required for the online order?
  3. General Decline: This problem arises when the balance of the credit card of that particular customer is low. Then, you would meekly say that your available balance is very low, please contact with your bank.
  4. Security Reason: At many times, some duplicates credit card is used for the transaction. You have to be concerned in this case. For solving this problem you may give your customer care number.

2.56. Offer PayPal

We see so many PayPal methods, for example: Google Check Out, bill me later. I think, PayPal is the best option. Though in Bangladesh, this service is not active. But, this service is active very soon.

2.57. Shipping Time Intimates

After ordering any product, the customer wants to know that when his/her product would deliver. You may mention the approximate delivery date.


2.58. Customer Service

The succession of any business depends on the customer satisfaction. Your business would get success if you satisfied a customer. And if the business is an online business, then you firstly think about the customer service management system. Thai is, how do you support them? You must keep in mind that your customers physically do not buy products. So, you must keep in mind that how do you provide a very good service to them. Because, now there are so many E-Commerce sites and the competition is very high. So, according to me, you must watch out a good E-Commerce site and understand their services and then make you a site. At the end of this article, I am giving the names of some E-Commerce sites and you may visit to those sites. Now, I would bring some methods in front of you.

2.59. Assign Personal Customer Service Represents

When you send an order confirmation receipt to the customer, then you all mention the name and contact information of one representative. Because, for the next time if the customer would face a problem, then the customer would contact with that representative.

2.60. Call Customer who abandons their Order

After ordering the product the customer may suddenly cancel his/her product. In this case, you contact with the customer to know the reason for which reason he/she has cancelled their order. As a result, the customer may happy and the visitors of your site may increase.

2.61. Same Day Shipping

Most of the E-Commerce sites deliver the product to the detect addresses of the customers in between 2-4 days. If possible, then you may deliver the product of the customers on that day in which the customer would deliver. As a result, the reputation of your E-Commerce site will good.

2.62. Monitor Shipping Progress

You must concentrate on the product shipping of the customers. You must monitor on the delivery of the product to the address of the customers.

2.63. Free Return Shipping

In many times customer may change this product because he/she does not like their desired product. In this case, you change this product and may manage Free Shipping system.

I just’ve finished the chapter 2. The next chapter is “Joomla & E-Commerce“.

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