2. Methods of Developing E-Commerce Websites (Part-3)


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2.21. Search Function

On your site, so many product categories may exist there. For this, after entering the product search in your site, the customers easily find out their products.

2.22. Make Product Image Clickable

You manage this way that after clicking on image, the users could reach their desired products easily.

2.23. Need help deciding Feature

Choosing one product in between so many products is a very difficult one. It makes the customer confusing. In this case, you may give a page named “Help Menu Decide”.  In here, the customer knows that which product is the most popular and compares it with other products.

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2.24. Product Pages

In the shop, the customers get opportunities to touch the products. But, in internet it is impossible for the customers to touch the products. So, for this, you bring the description of the products and the qualities of the products in front of the customers.  Now, I will discuss that how should be a product page?

2.25. Low Stock Indicator

It would be better that if you show the stock of the every product. Because, you do not think that the customer only buys the one product he or she may buy so many same products.  


2.26. More/Better Product Photo

I have mentioned that through internet the customers do not touch or examine any product. So, you have to upload a better quality picture of that product. And if you know flashes, then you will be able to watch products to the customers through zoom and from various angles. It will be a very professional task.

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2.27. Show where the Product Made

Customers may have an interest that where this product has made. So, you may mention that where this product has made.

2.28. List Product Benefit

You may give a description of the benefits of each and every product. 

2.29. Show Product Measurement and Weight

As the customers do not touch the products or do not examine the product, it would be better that if you show the customers about the weight of the product.

2.30. Question Form

You may give a question form because any customer may have a query about the product or the customer wants to know about the product separately or customer does not feel any confusion about that product.  It is a professional tusk.

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