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After a few posts, I’m going to share a software. Today I’ll share two VPN software, you can download free VPN worth $50 to secure your digital life. It is a safety tool for PC users. User can protect their data in his/her PC with these VPN. The name of these VPN software are “Steganos Online Shield VPN” and “Betternet Totally Free VPN” – the actual price of Steganos Online Shield VPN is $50, you can check it on their official website. But they are offering this “Steganos Online Shield VPN” to use free for one year. You can use this VPN software for one year without buying it. But, today, I’ll recommend you for using the “Betternet Totally Free VPN“. Because it is a free VPN, no need to pay anything for using it. “Betternet” works nicely. Betternet available for Windows, Android, iOS, Google Chrome and FireFox.

Premium VPN for Free

free vpn

Click here to download “Betternet” – the best free VPN from the official website.

Features of these free VPN software:

  1. Safe from hackers and without ads
  2. Worldwide protection in every WiFi and wireless network
  3. Free from regional content blocks
  4. Maximum anonymity and free from observation
  5. Conceal IP addresses and blocks ads
  6. Encrypts internet connection
  7. Access regionally blocked content
  8. Makes your surfing profile anonymous
  9. Individual Protection and Full control.
  10. Easy handling
  11. Individual settings
  12. Protects internet connection with 256-bit AES encryption
  13. Prevents social tracking by Facebook and Twitter
  14. Blocks ads
  15. Automatically deletes cookies after surfing
  16. Displays devices on your network that could pose a threat
  17. Simple operation via presets
  18. Now includes the functionality of Steganos Internet Anonym VPN
  19. Premium license includes protection for Android smart phones or Tablets

Download the Premium VPN for free from the official website of Steganos Online Shield VPN

Take a lifetime license of PureVPN totally free

We the people, who use VPN, shall know the name. PureVPN gives some good quality VPN services. We all know that VPN needs User Id and Password. PureVPN also needs that.

I show you today how you run a PureVPN for the unlimited time without buying it. Before that, I want to show you the amount that I save applying the trick.

Let me come to the point, how can you do the job. Please follow the steps bellow-

Step 1: Firstly Download the zip file of PureVPN. I upload the file on google drive for you.

Step 2: After downloading unzip it. You will get three files-

  1. Purevpn_Old  Version
  2. Pure Vpn_setup (New Version)
  3. Purevpn_reset

Step 3: Install the PureVPN setup software. After installing you are asking for user id and password. As you don’t have id and password. So you have to select the signup option and sign it up.

Step 4: They ask you for user and email for “Sign Up”. Please give a User ID and your Email Id and click on sign up tab. A verification code will generate at your email id. Copy the code and set it at PureVPN then click ok. Now, wait for some time.

Step 5: Now you are asking to select an option, so select any one option and active the PureVPN. Now your PureVPN is ready.

Step 6: Please check the Email ID – which you have used to create the account. An User Id and Password has been sent from PureVPN. These will be used for your future login.

Now, let me come to the main point. Is PureVPN too fool that they give the VPN service so easily and also in free. This service of PureVPN is for a limited time. So, let’s see the next step to use it for the lifetime.

Step 7: Now, run the PureVPN_reset software from the downloaded zip file. Before it, you have to terminate your PureVPN from task manager. Now, after opening it click on PureVPN shortcut. Now you can gladly run the PureVPN. Please mind that if the user name or password don’t work then reset it.

I think you can understand. If you have any problem then inform me by leaving the comment. This PureVPN software for the YouTube Channel holders for exchanging traffic.

Thank you…

Biswajit Das
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