How do you beat competitors on YouTube and gain success?


Hello, YouTubers – welcome to Mission YouTube. In this article, I’ve written “How do you beat competitors on YouTube or chase popular YouTube channels and beat them on YouTube?”. Before starting my lecture, I ask you a question, just think in your mind that how many subscribers are subscribed to your channel? 1 Million? 10000? 1000? 100? 10? Or 0? But, you are so worried to go ahead because there are so many creators, so many channels.

How to beat competitors on YouTube or chase popular YouTube Channels on YouTube?

How do you chase POPULAR YouTube channel on YouTube Channel
Chase Popular YouTubers

Most Popular questions new YouTubers think:

  1. There are so many creators on YouTube, how may I get success?
  2. The article/subject/content is already there. So, why will I do?
  3. How to beat Technical Guruji (Indian Tech Channel) or other channels
  4. Do I need hi-fi camera or a hi-fi setup (studio) for making video content?
  5. How to beat competitors on YouTube?

So where is the possibility of earning money and how do you go ahead from these channels? But, I am asking you some questions very seriously and you guys will answer me very seriously that have you a strong passion to chase or to beat Technical Guruji? or to beat anyone of your competitor on YouTube. If you have a tech-channel. If you have comedy channel or prank video channel then can you beat Bhuvan Bam? If you have a cooking channel, then can you beat Nisha Mathuli? If you have a beauty tips channel, then can you beat Trisha? So, these are the questions from me and you answer me very seriously by judging these questions. If your answer is no, then I will tell you that just close this video and don’t waste your time and leave your comments and also give me slangs in my comment box, But don’t waste your time because the time is very precious.

There are the lot of ways to beat competitors on YouTube

Turn Your Passion into Business: If you have a passion and if you have hot blood and if you believe that man can do anything if you imagine that you can beat these channels and if you dreamt it, then I will show a right path. Once upon a time, All India Bakchod channel was the top position on YouTube. At that time, Bhuvan Bam did not land his foot on YouTube. Bhuvan Bam landed on YouTube in 2015 and he never thought that all comedy channels are put behind by Bhuvan Bam. But, time passes by, time passes by, and just in between the 1.5 years, Bhuvan Bam chased these channels and he goes ahead and all the competitors are left behind. At the same time, Technical Guruji was launched almost after 3 months later from the releasing time of the channel of Bhuban Bam. And the Technical Guruji never think that he would be the top tech blogger. But, my question is if they chased the previous popular channels then you can’t do it? You have to be confident.

Most Popular YouTube Channels in INDIA: Now, I am telling you what are the leading channels on YouTube in India? First of all, “FactTechz“, it started on 24 July, 2016 and its subscribers are 1 million+. It is the fastest growing channel. The second is “Mahatmaji Technical“, there are 130 videos, it started on 22 October 2016 and its subscribers are 9 thousand K. In between 10 months he is going to hit a million of subscribers right now. Next channel is “Sab Kuch Sikho Jano“, there are 200 videos, it started on 23 August 2016 and its subscribers are 9THOUSANDS k. In between 10 months he is going to hit a million of subscribers right now. To reach 1 Million subscribers for Bhuvan bam, it takes 1 year 3 months. On the contrary, Technical Guruji takes 1 year and 4 months. But, the growth rate of these channels very fast. Time is changing. Change is the rule of our family, our world. So, those who do not create your YouTube channel, then please open your YouTube channel.

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Minimum Qualification to Create a YouTube Channel?

I want to tell you that Bhuvan Bam and Gaurav Chaudhary both are a well-educated person. Gaurav did M.Tech in Electronics and Bhuban Bam is also a well-educated and well-talented person. But, to work with YouTube, there is no need to become highly educated. If you are a matric fail or H.S fail, no problem. If you are a talented person, then YouTube will take you at the zenith position. But, the situation is not right in all the time because the financial position is not same of so many people. They can’t afford to buy hi-fi camera or hi-fi set up. But, it is not necessary to start with hi-fi camera or hi-fi set up. If you have a passion, then go forward. Just start it. Don’t think anything.

Where should you focus on to get the success?

If you look at the Mahatma Technical channel, then you will see that by using his voice, his talent, his hard working, he has got 1 million subscribers. Just think, what a position he has gained! My last word is just open a channel without thinking so much, do hard work, just focus on quality, not on quantity. You make a video in a week but the video will be the best. Just focus on your skill not focus on others’ skill. Then, you will be successful on YouTube.

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