10 Most Important subjects before make a website


Are you thinking to create a website? Think before you have done. Here I’ll give you 10 important tips before make a website.

Make a website

make a website

In generally, we make a plan before starting a project. And we try to successful it. Think, you want to build a big house, then what will you do at first? I think at first you will do “Project Plan” for building your big house. This kind of “Project Plan” is also appropriate for the case of creating Webpage. You have to think before starting your website. If you create your website without thinking, then you will never success. Because, you have no pre plans for it.  Today I’ll give you the plans.

At first just make a question to himself that “Why will I create this website?” – The answers are given below:

1.       What is the target of your website?

The question is “Target”. You will never success without a target. Think that you have created a website, you have spent time on it, and you have spent money on it, but once a time you will seem that it has no need. So, please think a target before start a website.

2.       What is your target on the market?

You have to target a market before starting the website. You have to ready contents on the basis of market demands. Your website would be good looking to keep you in competition in the market.

3.       Do you want that people will get you on Google or other search engines?

It is very necessary for your website. Maximum people search their requirements on Google or other search engines. The visibility of search engine is called SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Some website owners never hair this SEO word, but it is very important for a website.

4.       Do you want to get feedback from visitors?

Visitor‘s feedback will help you to find the necessary and unnecessary things of your website and it also help you to understand the requirements on the market. Visitor’s feedback also tell the quality of your products or website contents.

5.       Who design your website?

You have to choose a professional cum expert website designer or programmer. Good looking website will promote you.

6.       Do you want to spend some money?

If you want to run your website continually then you have to spend some money every year as a domain registration charge, hosting charge and maintenance charge.

7.       Have you any pre plan?

Think, you are going for a long tour; if you have no pre plan, then you will face some problems. The problems are same for website – How and what will you do? Where will you start from? How to become successful?  So make a plan before start.

8.       Have you chosen a right web hosting?

You have to buy web hosting from a reputed web hosting company. You can see my previous posts about web hosting to learn more. How to increase visitors of a website, Difference between free and premium web hosting.

9.       Is your website responsive?

Now a day responsive website is must for every website. Responsive website will give you more visitors. Maximum people will browse your website by mobiles, tablets, Smart Phones or other electronic gadgets. If your website has not responsive feature then you will loss maximum visitors.

10.   Have you enough time for your website?

Time is the main factor for a successful website; you have to spend too much time for your website. So, keep these 10 things in your mind before start.

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