Which is a better Blog platform for you WordPress or BlogSpot?


WordPress or blogger, which is the best? This type of debate happens among many people. But it is nothing without nonsense. WordPress is ahead definitely from the side of benefits. It is perfect for any type of site. But you have to remember, both have many advantages and also disadvantages. So you have to see which is the best for you. You will get many posts online about its advantages and disadvantages. So I didn’t want to go into all that. But to simplify this discussion, I tell you something.

Which Blog Platform Is Better: WordPress Or Blogger?


First, both are free, but WordPress is open source and more customizable. But editing site in BlogSpot including some works is very easy comparatively. But, you will get several plugs in in WordPress which don’t have in BlogSpot. Second, you will get a BlogSpot’s host and domain from Google. Third party domain will be added if necessary. But hosting and domain are third-party in WordPress. For this you have to buy hosting and domain definitely with money to get good service. So both have advantages and disadvantages.

Now question may be, which has more profitable? Today I don’t want to go into that debate. Because I think the important question is, where I will host my site? Before coming to the main discussion, I tell you one more thing. WordPress has two types of service. One is WordPress.com and another is WordPress.org. But in this discussion, I am leaving WordPress.com. Just WordPress.org and BlogSpot will be the subject of discussion. Here you can know about WordPress.com and WordPress.org. Now we start main discussion. See which is for whom?


Site’s type:

What type of your site is, that is the first point in this case. If it is a personal blog or particular of some people then BlogSpot is the best. But if this blog is open for all, in other word, anyone can register, but it is better to go with WordPress. WordPress is necessary for the institutional site. There was no alternative of WordPress some days ago for a newspaper. But now many wonderful templates are available in BlogSpot. So in this case, according to me, you can use both. BlogSpot means not only blog making, but the other most of site is made normally in WordPress except blog.


You can make free 1 GB image hosting including site. And if you wish that you will take paid template and domain at that site, then you almost have to pay from 15 dollars (1200/-) to 30 dollars (2400/-). But you will get many wonderful templates at free of cost. And everything is free for Bengalis, if they use Google a little bit, then they will get template at free of cost. You can make free hosting in WordPress and site on domain, but you will not get good service. For this it is good to take paid hosting. As a free hosting, Byet host’s service is good. But in WordPress theme development is complicated, so we need a good budget to take paid theme.

There are many free themes, but you have to spend money for good themes. But I have said before if you use Google then you will get free, but is this work should not be done to make a beautiful site? So, you should come with WordPress if budget is more. And though you use free theme, then buying domain and hosting is good. For this depending on your hosting plan, you have to spend money per year from 1200/- to 6000/-. Buying domain like .com/.net/.org etc. you can add in BlogSpot. For this you have to spend money almost 800/- per year. But domain wise cost may be up to 600/- – 2500/-.


If you have aim to income, then it is very easy to get Adsense in BlogSpot. But you will not get Adsense ever. But Adsense is available than WordPress in somewhat easy process. But for this we need standard, developed in English and the visitor prosperous blog. In spite of this, in case of other ads service, WordPress or blogger will not impact.


BlogSpot is very easy for beginners. It can be easily decorated by editing and beautifully. WordPress is little more complicated for beginners. Then take a decision, which is the best for you?  This post is published first here. I invited all of you to visit our blog.

I hope this tune will work for you. Thank you for reading this article. If there is any mistake, then forgive me. If you face any problem, then don’t forget to comment. If you think the article is beneficial then obviously share it.