3. Joomla and E-Commerce [Part-4] (Product Catalogue Feature, Payment Module & Shopping Module)


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3.17. Product Catalogue Feature

The VirtueMart component can manage above thousands products and above thousands products catalogues. We arrange products by using multiple nested category and we can add in its category. All product catalogues can find out by searching. Sellers and buyers both can find out their products by searching.

The product catalogue of virtue mart is very strong. It can manage through the web administration interface. HTML, JavaScript and Ajax are used in web interfaces. Virtue mart also uses product category like other shopping carts. The catalogue in where the products are shown without price and without the buy now button. A product rating is another good feature. The virtue mart can also show the customers that in how many days the product would delivery to the customers. By Virtue mart, you can sell downloadable products.

3.18. Administration Feature

There is a beautiful administration panel in virtue mart which is Ajax integrated interface. From this panel, you can control everything.

Virtue Mart control panel

In virtue mart, we can add so many images and file with the products. This type of opportunity gives virtue mart to the administrators. In below, I give the picture of product add, edit and update.

Virtue Mart update items

We can product attribute along with the products. When we sell T-shirts then it has so many colours and sizes. If now, sizes, colours are added with every T-shirts then it is very boring. For solving this problem, we can add attribute. When the configuration of the attribute is completed, then the customers can buy the products along with attributes.

Another feature of virtue mart is to add product. We add product separately, such as: Books, T-Shirt, Software, CD etc. We can add attributes with every product. The administrator of Virtue mart can divide customers into various groups and can also buy products in various prices. You can add the discount of the product.

In virtue mart, you can see new order, new customer etc. It also enables you to watch the condition of the sells of products. It also enables to manage orders in the admin interface. How many orders have come and how many orders are pending: all of these you can watch out in virtue mart. Some reporting features add in virtue mart. As a result, we can watch the result of the old sold items and also watch the reports that how many products have sold in per month or per year.

3.19. Payment Module

Payment module is very important for online payment process for any shopping cart. Virtue mart supplies various payment systems. Some predefined payment process systems has given by default such as PayPal, 2Check out, and Credit Card. In addition, we also add some payment systems by using the API payment module.

3.20. Shopping Module

It is very necessary to take a good shopping cart for various shopping module. This type of module helps the shop for providing good service. In virtue mart, you will watch so many types of shipping modules. By this, you will be able to display the customers about the shipping costs of any products and also will show the customers about in how many days the product will deliver to the customer’s address.

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