2. Methods of Developing E-Commerce Websites (Part-5)


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2.41. Cross Sell Item

A shopping cart is an important area for giving suggestion to the customers. That is, the product which is added in the shopping cart by the customer, it suggests same type of product to buy. It cannot be done in check out time.

2.42. Up Sell time item

You may suggest the customer to buy another product and it must not be made after check out.

You may have to add a link to the product page in the shopping cart as the customer gets a link easily.

2.44. Checked Progress Bar

The customers have an interest about how the checkout is fast and easy. You may give a progress indicator. As a result, the customer gets easily understand now where he/she will go.

check out page

2.45. Show Stock on Hand

How many products do you have in stock you do not let the customers know? You may let them say that the product is going to be end in stock.

You may manage a Live Chat Link for the customers.

2.47. Show Payment Option

Customers have an interest that how do you access the payment? In this case, you may give credit card logo or PayPal logo on your page.

2.48. Check Out

Checkout is a process by which you pay your payment of your products. How many products do you buy and what is that’s price and how do you pay your payment: all of these you have come to know if you check out. I have discussed Check Out process.

2.49. Emphasize Security

Firstly, you have to ensure that your site is secure. In this case, you may add a security reminder button on this page.

Secure Payment

2.50. Ditch the Confirm Page

When you ask the customer about credit card, then you must not want to know that, do they buy the product or not. This type of work may divert the mind of the customer. With this, before final order you may show the number of products which they order.

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