Which is the best way to earn money online?


How are you? I hope all of you are fine. I’m also fine for your blessings. Today I will share with you “Which is the best way to earn money online? ” For which reasons you should not come from online.

Many people earn thousands dollars from India. If you go to learn to them, they demand large amounts of money. Reading this tune, your life can be changed. Read and share this article definitely for everybody’s welfare.

Best Online Platforms to Earn Money Online. Learn Which is the suitable online platform to earn money online.


Those who come to earn first in online, most of them go:

  1. PTC/Ad Click, Bitcoin, etc.
  2. Visa, Cl/Cgaigslist traffic etc.
  3. Link Shortner, Link share etc.
  4. Blogging, Adsense, YouTube etc.
  5. Up work, freelancer, Fiver, Micro workers etc.
  6. Affiliate Marketing, CPA Marketing.

I will discuss about all these problems and solutions.

#1. PTC/Adclick, Bitcoin etc:

This is the worst and fraud thing. It is not possible to income better with this except referral. Everybody works very hard a few months by wasting their head for referral. But when he can understand after a few months that he is not getting the cost of the internet with this, then his interest goes to income from online.

#2. Visa, Cl/Cgaigslist traffic etc:

Many people work this in online or under any media. But it is surprising and true also that it has no future. Because it makes you to work very hard for Affiliate Marketing, CPA Marketing but it is not giving anything. And the biggest thing is, this is not a legal way. Today it is there, but tomorrow may not be there.

#3. Link Shorter, Link share etc:

You can short any writing, download link of the software. As a result of this if anyone click on this link, then that person will see one ad of 5 seconds, for this you will get .001-.02 dollar. Those who are totally new or don’t know any work in online, they can do that. Side by side, they can learn also other works.

#4. Blogging, Adsense, YouTube etc:

This is mainly about your experience, doing benefit of the people you will write different writing, you will give download link. And here ad of Adsense will be given, if someone click on this ad, then income will be up to .01-200 dollar. But YouTube has one fun that is if someone don’t click on the ad then your income will be done. Though that is very ordinary, but that comes for ever. To work in online, you will not deduct it ever. Because it is very effective and useful thing.

#5. Up work, freelancer, Fiver, Micro workers etc:

Those who know work of very good quality they do this work. Up work, freelancer, different customer release tender according to their need. If you want to get that work, then it gets to work by bidding. In the first situation anyone don’t want to give work, as a result of this many people dislike it. But it is possible to income this up to 1-10000 dollar. Fiver has a small work of 5 dollars, here you will give all information about your work, if any, customer wants to get that service, then that person will give you work, for this you will get 5 dollar but any bid don’t need for this. Micro workers have very small and easy works. You can do these works very easily according to your wish. There are works of .10-5 dollar from here.

#6. Affiliate Marketing, CPA Marketing:

Passing all these boundaries, many people are interested about affiliate Marketing and CPA Marketing. And through this if you want to income, you have to be very experienced. And you have to be wiser about above all things. It is not possible to do this ever without money.

Because to do Affiliate Marketing and CPA Marketing, you have to make fool men click on ad click site. You will need your own website. And you have to spend money for many works. If you go free of income, then it will take time 5-7 years or more, but you will not see the face of money anymore. It is possible to income daily 10-10000 dollar by affiliate Marketing and CPA Marketing.


Now you are thinking, then what should you do?

Come in this vast community today, how to work in the right way, everything with all experience of my life, I will share with you. We Bengalis are so much bad that we kick in our stomach ourselves. Today we have no unity among us, if I know something, I don’t say anyone for envy. Someone has sold these by making secret tutorial. In 2012 I had seen this on TV in the news of Pakistani channel. That was “Bangladesh is a small and a separate country from Pakistan, but today that Bangladesh is ahead than Pakistan from the side of online income.” But in 2016 that has changed a lot.

Now Pakistan is ahead than all in Asia. Because they never cheat among them, if they do then they do with others. Exchanging their knowledge with each other, they are above than all. I believe myself that if you give knowledge for its knowledge doesn’t decreases, rather that increases through negotiations. Ask yourself will anyone take your luck/fortune? That is in the hand of the great God. And being cheated in India, not getting right way in online, many people express their disgust to income. But from now I will not make that happen anymore. Today God has given me so much knowledge that is only for good work. If I am used by men’s benefits, then God will give me good thing exchange of that.

If you want to work selflessly, want to move forward with a good mentality, then add in our community. You are thinking, if they want more money, no I don’t want to take money. And which day I will want, think that my honesty has been spoiled. Those who are experienced, I will request to them these to give few times for these helpless peoples. According to me, first we should work together Blogging, Adsense, YouTube, Fiver, and Link Shorter. In the next we will do everything including affiliate Marketing and CPA Marketing serially.

How to income from this, how making yourself well-off and rich with foreign dollar, join in our group for all these questions. Let’s know A-Z of online income and start to work from today.

What things you will need for this:

  • Computer/laptop and internet,
  • Some computer software,
  • Need Gmail ID
  • Making YouTube channel,
  • Applying in Adsense,
  • Making video regularly,
  • Uploading video,
  • Sharing video.

Don’t get fear by seeing this list, those who have read my post, almost all they have desktop/laptop and internet will need. One more thing will need that is your interest or wish. No need to think, I will work with your video and I will show that at free of cost. I have discussed each subject very easily for you and I will give a link at the end of my tune.

Let’s start:

#1. Gmail:

First, you will take a Gmail ID, I hope everybody has this. Those who don’t have this, don’t think that I can’t do this anymore. Opening a Gmail ID is very easy, stay with me because I’m here.


#2. YouTube channel:

Sign In on YouTube

Going to YouTube sign in and make a channel. At the time of making an account, give such a name by giving any name for which search is more, the channel name is very important.

#3. Making video:

You can capture your computer screen. I will give if screen capture and video editing software will need.

#4. Partner verified:

You have to verify your mobile number from setting in YouTube channel. If it is verified then you will become a YouTube partner.

#5. Video upload:

You will give video upload in your channel. Give definitely good title, tag and description of video at the time of uploading. Give your website’s URL, Facebook page/Group/Twitter with your video description.

#6. Google Adsense:

If you can make advanced popular video or your channel becomes popular then you can get an offer from the Adsense partnership on YouTube. Or changing your country through YouTube, approval of Google Adsense is found very easily.


#7. Share:

Share your uploaded videos in several social networking sites. It will be not done if you keep these videos in YouTube only. Share videos in your blog, Facebook page/ Group/Twitter/google+/Pinterest everywhere.

Thank you for reading this article. I hope this tune will work for you. If there is any mistake, then forgive me. If you face any problem, then don’t forget to comment. If you think the article is beneficial then obviously share it.

Thank You…

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