How my friend made money from his home


This is turning out to be a very common question in everywhere. Every now and then I have asked how can I make money online from home with my desktop. I had to also ask, Hey Biswajit, could you please tell me can I make some decent money from my home?

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make money from home

Well, I should say yes, you can make money from home.

A few years earlier one of my friends told me Hey! I lost my job and my pocket is getting empty. Please tell me what should I do now? I was so wondering after hearing from him that you have lost his job. Believe me, at that time I was so scared cause I didn’t have any word to tell him. I told him to give me some time my friend, I will get back to you so soon.

After getting back to my home, I started thinking and thinking. What I should say to my friend. After 2 days I meet with him and luckily I have had something to tell my friend. I told him have you heard Google Adsense earlier? He said no then I told him about it in detailed. I had noticed that my friend was quite interested about it.

After a few days we meet again and discovered that he already started blogging with free domain and he also was getting some visitors to his blog. I told him if you really want to make money from home then I recommend to purchase a .com domain and start blogging. Then he purchased a top level domain and started his blogging. In the first few months it was so difficult to get visitors to his blog. When he started to get about 1000 visits per day, I told him to apply for Google Adsense and keep trying.

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After getting the Google Adsense from the first month he made only $10 from his blog. It was really nothing for a man to live. But I told him please try, try and try, I know you can so please try and keep trying.

Now I am going to tell you about his very beautiful news. We meet after 1 year and he told me, Hey Biswajit, you have changed my life. Do you know, how much now I can make in one month from Adsense? I thought he would tell me something like $1000 to 1500 but I was absolutely wrong. I was so happy to hear from him that now he is making about $3000-$4000 per month from his blog. That was totally outstanding achievement for me and me too.

So I would tell if someone have patient and really want to do something to blog, then please try try and keep trying. Who never know you can make it happen in your life too.

Thank you…

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