Some Rules of earning dollar by Blogging


You may earn huge money by blogging. There are so many bloggers whose have million followers and whose have million dollar in their bank account.

There is no way to deny it that it is very hard to get a success in the blogging world, but the right person can income million dollar in a right process.  To become a million bloggers there are some success keys. Here are some tips for you which will help to make you a millionaire.

Earn money by Blogging

Earn money by blogging

The ultimate tips on “Make Money Online” by Blogging.

#1. Write Blog everyday:

You have to write the blog to become a millionaire blogger. You should write contents, not to focus on the various kinds of tips and tricks.

There is no successful key rather than constantly writing. It will be far better if you give more information.

#2. Acquire the Skills:

You write the article from your real experience that the people will trust in you. You are blogging from your own experience and from your insights. You write your article in such a way that all of the people in the world will read your article and read your given information and will tell among the public. An experienced man can tell the topic as a story in the light of his/her experience.

#3.  Give entertain about the information to the People:

How do you write the content that is very important?  If it is an informational blog, then you write the blog with a very light and easy manner. But you don’t only write in a light way but also you try to make some entertainment. It is much better as the blogging is attractive and funny.


#4. Use the feedback of Happy Client:

Testimonial is your best friend. You use it as much as possible. When you face with a happy client that means you are actually conforming to your words.

#5. Promote yourself through the social media:

Social Network is a very important medium. You will open an account on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn one of which will link to the other. If your sphere increase then you will become a million bloggers.

social media

#6. Make attractive Video:

So many bloggers think that they may contact with the audience through their article. But the real millionaire bloggers know that in some time you have to make the subject attractive. You have to keep the attractive videos to reach the new visitors. You easily place in the minds of the audience by keeping some attractive videos.

#7. Use good quality Images:

An image speaks a thousand words. Image is a very important part. You may use images to increase the interests of people. By using images in your article and in the social media you may advertise your blog. So, you must use a good quality image.  The image will make you a reliable blogger and will also keep you into the mind of the readers. It helps your blogging to go a long way.

#8. Give value to the People:

Above all you have to give value to the people. You also help them by finding their information and also get the feedback of readers. It will be better if they have an interest.

love people

#9. Keep emphatic:

You chose a beautiful design by selecting the form of the blog. But, you have to keep emphasizing. You don’t worry to bring the fresh appearance of the form of post, image, subject and the format. If you do the same thing everyday, then the people lost their interest.

#10. Give lots of free offers: 

You will give the simple and good quality contents to the readers. But you don’t give all contents free and you have to give the best quality content as a free to the readers. As a result, the interest of the followers will grow, which is one of the characteristics of the millionaire blogger.

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