FREELANCING – Your New Way to Make Pocket Money Amid COVID Era



Who doesn’t want to make some extra bucks and utilize this vacant time in their lives during the lockdown period?

While pursuing courses in colleges, students tend to go for part-time jobs that provide a great alternative, but that is not the only way to earn.

What if I tell you that there is a way for you to make extra money, work according to your hours, and acquire experience that would make you immensely enticing to recruiters?

Freelancing is trending during this adverse phase, and now it’s time for you to know everything about it. But, before I tell you the major guidelines in it, you need to know why freelancing should be your calling.


Why Freelancing?

If you want to live your ideal job, freelancing will allow you to possess a portfolio of your work that might seem very attractive to potential recruiters. For instance, if you want to work in an event management company, you can share your experiences gracefully in an interview.

How splendid would it feel if you could show the websites you designed for a company, along with testimonials from satisfied clients to a recruiter?

And, not to forget, giving that interview with a dash of confidence and utmost assertiveness on your face will only outshine your portfolio.

This will not only replicate that you are well-aware, but it will also display a sense of initiative, dedication, and literal professionalism. And, believe me, these will be the indispensable characteristics that you will never acquire by merely attending a class and getting good marks in exams.

Now that you are developing an interest in freelancing and the fact it can help you earn a bit of extra cash to pay your credits or help you get what you desire to achieve; I am going to elaborate on how to kickstart your career in this field!

How To Start Freelancing?

Firstly, you will have to find your freelancing parameter, and, in my honest opinion, the best would be to pick a skill you already possess. A freelance skill should be selected based on something you enjoy and how you can persuade others to pay you money for it by proving it to be extremely useful to them. Smart, isn’t it?


Everyone has their own skillsets and abilities. It’s only the realizations that happen to us, invariably. However, few skills are generally in demand:

  • > General Computer Skills
  • > Art Skills
  • > Designing Logos
  • > Photography/Video-Making
  • > Interpersonal Skills
  • > Cooking
  • > Organizational Skills
  • > Web Designing
  • > Athletic Skills

Anything that you are confident about has the most potential of becoming your freelance skill. If it’s related to a career or a job you want to pursue after graduation, then that is your safe bet.

Alas, don’t underestimate your inner potential! Now let’s get to know some of the important tips for excelling in the freelancing career.

i. Finding Your First Customers

At first, it may seem difficult to find your first customers in one go. But, using your interpersonal skills can help you in finding more freelance clients. Also, if you will look around, you will find more connections in the form of family members, friends, local businesses, social media connections, and even friends of friends.

Having a good database of client list along with their contacts and email addresses is your lifeblood. You can also design a simple and polite email pitch with links to your website or work to keep the clients engaged in a non-directive way.

ii. Rapport Building With Customers

Your customers are your driving force. Always provide them with excellent service by treating them with due respect. In case of any error at your end, owning up to it like a responsible professional is a must.

Freelance Report
Freelance Report

This way, you will be able to learn how to manage relationships as well. And remember, honest hearts produce honest actions.

iii. Join Freelancing Platforms

To practice as a freelancer in any country, you can register/sign-up on the following freelancing websites:

iv. Have A Website Of Your Own. (Preferably A Blog)

Clients need to recognize the importance of your services. People love to work with passion-driven energies. If you have put in efforts in creating a website, this tells a lot about your seriousness.

Your website will provide you with proper space to inform and educate your prospective clients about the services and expertise you are willing to offer.

Your website should have a suitable page broadcasting your services, including feedback from your past clients. This can be achieved through blogging, podcasting, video, or any other productive medium that is suitable for you.

Once you’re online and have some clients, it’s time for you to commence with your business. As with anything, it is always advisable to follow some best practices.

To get recruited by a company, you’ll need to make a stand-out profile for the opportunities you may find on freelancing sites.

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v. Brand Yourself

If you’re going to freelance, you need to learn to promote yourself in the market. It simply means to identify a way to make your services look more appealing and grab the attention of clients in the market.


It is said that if you have it, then have the courage to showcase it. You must consider yourself as a brand that has features and USPs. All you need to do is to market yourself and promote by updating all your certificates and testimonials online for your future clients to see.

Thus, join various social media groups on LinkedIn, Facebook, WhatsApp, Upwork, etc. to connect with people who have similar interests. It can help to make your presence cognizant.

vi. Ask For Testimonials And Referrals

It is very important for every freelancer to build an excellent rapport with clients and give them the required quality work. This will build your entire happy clientele and will generate your goodwill in the market as well.

Feedback and criticisms will help you to evaluate and assess your strengths and weaknesses and will provide you with scope for improvement.


It is quite right when people say that you have to face many hurdles and cross milestones before reaching on top of the Mountain. Fail Fast and Grow Slow! You will come across many failures, but do not forget; “FAIL” is only First Attempt In Learning.

It is indeed gratifying when you work for yourself; more importantly, it is a great way to grow. The truth is that freelancing helps people to identify a lot more capabilities than what they already possess. It tremendously helps in finding self-hidden skills.

Lastly, do not forget to have fun in what you do. HAPPY FREELANCING!

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