Various Ways to Build Reach Through Digital Marketing


Digital marketing has only grown through time. From SEO to social media and search engine advertisements, there are several avenues a business can capitalize upon when it comes to inbound or pull marketing strategies. As compared to other forms of marketing, digital marketing has a set of benefits that sets it apart. Whether it is the ability to target the right audience or the ability to build better, more qualitative leads via a strategic digital approach, if you are a business, digital marketing is one aspect that you cannot miss integrating.

Digital Marketing

However, it is important to focus on a number of analytical figures and big data in order to have a more focused approach towards your digital marketing functions. Talk about a landing page on website or website pop-ups, you need to categorize your approach towards digital marketing of your business. Through this article, we try to focus on ways one can use to maximize their reach and find quality leads via digital marketing.

What are Engagement Magnets?

Just like a physical store where it’s upon the store manager or salesperson to put up exciting offers or attractive items right outside to attract customers in the store followed by showing them the best options to finally close the deal, engagement magnets do something similar.

Engagement Magnets

  • The basic setup of an engagement magnet is to have a landing page on the website. It is the first page your customer will land from a search or online ad. The landing traffic can be anyone — from someone who is looking to make a purchase to one that just needs some info. However, your engagement magnets like website pop-ups help them in making their mind. 
  • Everything from content to image and call-to-action is an engagement magnet on a landing page for a potential customer. After all, you are employing these to attract the traffic into completing a goal. 
  • Engagement magnets can be designed for all sorts of website visitors. These range from someone who is visiting your website for the first time to someone who has visited before and more.

How to Identify the Right Set of Engagement Magnets for your Business

It is necessary to understand the kind of audience you can receive on your website and prepare engagement magnets keeping in mind aspects like the buying cycle.

Identify the Right Set of Engagement Magnets for your Business

  • You can use a variety of content magnets but the more primary ones can be categorized into text, video, and images, or infographics
  • The first step in any approach should be to help the customer with the answer they are looking for. For example — if you own an online jewelry retail shop, you can create a landing page on the website with a catalog of the best jewelry options for a bridal look. You can cater this landing page to a soon-to-be bride who is in search of jewelry for her big day. 
  • On the landing page, you can use video, images, and website pop-ups of brides with the jewelry to signify the glamour and elegance of the jewelry prompting her to make a purchase. 
  • If it’s a first-time visitor, you should also go ahead and try to get some of their information through a contact form. While doing so, you can attach an incentive — up to 10% off on filling the form. 
  • Once a purchase has been made, you can ask them about their experience with a survey form and provide them with, for example, a voucher that they can use on their next purchase. 

What is a landing page on a website?

No, it’s not the home page. But, it can be or it can be any other page on your website or a new page focused on a particular event, occasion, offer or any other reason focused towards pulling your target audience.

Website Landing Page

  • The basic purpose of landing pages on a website is to make the customer or traffic land on it. For example — if you are running a site-wide black Friday sale, you can promote this offer via a search engine or social media and create a separate landing page where customers from the ad, land on and get more information about the offers. 
  • Landing pages are very specific and a lot of time act as a gateway between the landing traffic and a certain website page. In other scenarios, it can be just a page that a customer lands on. 
  • For conversion optimization, a landing page should have relevant content, a static call to action, and several engagement magnets. 

Conversion Optimization   

A strategic approach that turns website visits to goal completion can be categorized as conversion. Conversion rate optimization is the rate at which website conversions happen in comparison to website visits.

Conversion rate optimization

  • Conversion optimization goals can be anything from a click to video watch or form fill. You can pre-define an action and once it’s completed, a conversion has happened. 
  • After setting up the goal, your entire effort is to optimize your website to get more conversions. 

Role of Conversions 

The motive behind having a controlled environment with set conversions is to monitor and analyze what your customers are more inclined towards, what stops them and the elements that persuade them to build a more customer-centric UX and prompt users to perform a desired action on the website more efficiently. 

  • It can help you fetch more leads that are much more qualified. 
  • Conversion rate optimization can also help you identify any analogies on your website and find a solution for it.

User Flow and Persuasion 

The user flow can be categorized into three main centers in terms of conversion rate optimization.

Traffic Management

  • Identifying the Drivers — elements that are contributing towards attracting traffic to your website. It can be a black Friday search engine as on google.
  • Finding why, after approaching your website, are the users bouncing off the website? One of the most prominent reasons is the lack of relevance. For example, if you are running a Black Friday sale, from the color schemes to graphics and images, everything on the landing page should signify your sale. 
  • You should also use Hooks and engagement magnets to increase their time on the page and provide them with relevant information. 

Online persuasion 

Online persuasion

Just like offline, the online environment is all about persuading your traffic to come to your website and convert. From meta descriptions to call to actions, offers and website design contributes towards a seamless process of online persuasion. 

User Engagement  

Conversion rate optimization is directly related to user engagement. The more a visitor spends its time on the landing page, the more it engages. An engagement can be in the form of watching a video or browsing through the many color options of a product and reading its description.

User Engagement

  • Elements like website pop-ups work gracefully as a subtle reminder to the visitor about an action that they can take on the website which would benefit them. For example — a popup wot 50% off on select products till the day ends. 

What are Lifecycle Emails?

Lifecycle Emails

In any marketing plan, you have to be strategic and plan according to the consumer life cycle or buying cycle. You can’t send a thank you mail to a customer who has visited your website for the second time with no purchase. So, planning your mail keeping in mind the customer lifecycle is lifecycle emails. From a first contact mail for signing in to the newsletter to mails of the latest offers, and after purchase guide on how to best use the product — there are a variety of ways one can use lifecycle emails. 

What are the stages of the customer life cycle?

Every consumer, whenever making a purchase follows a similar cycle. No matter the product, the cycle remains almost the same.

Customer life cycle

  • Awareness —  when a consumer understands they need a certain product, for example — a watch. 
  • Research — Spending time scanning through websites, reading in articles to identify the best watch brands. 
  • Comparison — Making a top 5 or 10 list and comparing according to budget and person preference. 
  • Selection — finalizing a watch brand, color, price, etc.
  • Purchase —  buying the watch. 
  • Retention — the efforts of the brand to retain its customer by offering a smooth post-purchase experience. Ex. Free servicing for 1 year. 
  • Word of mouth — customers recommended the brand to others. 

The better your landing page and engagement magnets, the better are your chances of having an enhanced conversion rate optimization.

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