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DesignCap infographic

There are many software packages for computer graphics on the Internet because companies are using them more and more every day. Real tools for synthesizing problems, computer graphics can become a real communicative weapon when used well, sometimes also creating a marketing buzz.

Today, I’ll share with you an innovative tool to develop your business communication in another way and thus improve the way you operate! Go on, here is my favourite software to make your future infographics and corporate visuals. It’s DesignCap Infographic Maker.

The importance of visual communication

Before introducing DesignCap, let’s see the importance of visual communication in business. It seemed interesting to me to talk to you about infographics today because communicating is essential in business areas that we all know. However, there are various ways of communicating, and I realized that communicating daily by using our visual sense is the most constructive and productive way daily.

Indeed, in the blink of an eye, the computer graphics will summarize your problem and its result. It summarizes many studies, surveys, data that is easier to understand. It is why it makes it possible to have a real impact on your partners daily because their attention is necessarily captured, and therefore, your message more easily passed.

DesignCap infographic maker

Creating an infographic can be done by your graphic designer (if you have a creative department), by a freelance graphic designer. But it’s troublesome to convey what is ready in your mind. Why not make an infographic yourself with an easy-to-use tool? DesignCap would be the right choice for you.

It is one of the leading free design tools for non-designers. DesignCap has a library of templates and allows the process to be done from scratch. It’s not a must to register on the site.

In addition to the templates, you will have a variety of free shapes and millions of photos and icons at your disposal. If you are not served, you can access other resources such as the chart feature, module, background, etc.

What else can DesignCap create?

Besides infographic design, DesignCap allows users to create many other creations for social media banners like YouTube channel art, Facebook cover, Twitter header, Pinterest graphic, Instagram post, etc.; marketing content such as poster, flyer, brochure, leaderboard, business card, logo, and more; for event material like an invitation for a party, Thanksgiving, wedding, graduation, engagement, baby shower, etc. You can check this article of “Create a Variety of Designs for Social Media, Marketing Contents and All Kinds of Events with DesignCap” to know more.

Why choose DesignCap infographic maker?

  • DesignCap allows you to access countless templates and millions of resources to boost your creativity.
  • It’s easy to design an infographic effortless, saving you much time and money. There is no learning curve.
  • It’s simple. But not mean many limits. Well, the powerful editing tools enable you to customize your design fully.
  • Everything can be done online without download and install anything.
  • DesignCap is cloud-based, which is very convenient to stop and continue your project anytime and anywhere.
  • Its share option is worth being mentioned here since it allows users to share the design anywhere online with a produced URL for each design.


In the era of 4G, brands must adapt and find new ways to communicate efficiently, quickly, and in an innovative way. Why not create an infographic to achieve it? DesignCap will help you facilitate the design process with its straightforward interface, the countless art resources, and its flexible editing features.