How to earn more money from Google Adsense


Today, my topic is: How to earn more money from Google AdsenseWe all know that Google Adsense is one of the best recurring monetization networks for any blog or website. I have earned more with affiliate marketing and services that I offer, and Adsense represents only a small part of my online income. There is a common myth that has remained in every Google Adsense Users is that, your income will increase if you make a blog with huge click keyword. Is it really? Those who use Google AdWords, their ideas are partly wrong. Because, by giving AdWords, the advertisers size their advertisement and click value and those can be set up on the blog through Adsense. There are some things you need to be more explicit in this regard.


See the source of the ads, from the view of Google Adwords terms: 


Context 1:

I’ll give you both advertising the same product using Adwords. If you got 1 per click, I can give you the money. My Google ads will show more of the profits of the business, it is natural that you will be less advertising. So I get a little more than a Visitor. As the advertiser and you click on the price for the same product were different. Not only that, any time we can reduce our ad clicks and increase value. And, as an advertiser, we can also choose to show any blog. Given that my blog made ​​my over-priced ads on your blog with keywords may not appear in ads, I decided that if I do not like your blog!

Let’s now look at it from the perspective of the blogger- 


Context 2:

These bloggers do not know how much an advertiser has a click price? Today, the price of the ad I’ve got the money 2 rupees, it brings down to 1 rupee. These bloggers simply do not know this. But, blogger makes the blog by believing the click value of Google. There is the practical side of those who click on the advertisement, but the amount does not earn!

Why there is the difference of income? From context 1, the concept will be cleared. The main thing is to hold the advertiser. He will decide to increase or reduce the value of clicks. He also will decide that will all ads show in the blog or will the ads show only the desirable blogs on blogger. There are millions of blogs on the Internet, without discrimination of any blog advertising does cost money to the advertiser so that the advertiser is using the full benefits provided by Google.



Advertisers are choosing how ads will be shown on any blog? As you know, Adsense ads in the channel, is also shown in the list of all the sites where their ads are being displayed. This facility has been provided by him, he can decide if you wish to go into each of these blogs, the blog whether he will buckle. (Such as Google Adsense has introduced publishers not to block any ad) In other words, it is not enough to make the blog by high quality keyword. Your blog will be of value as to survive in the competition. Compared to other bloggers will make you more high quality blog.

There’s a good side! Who made really good quality blogs; many advertisers will kind to them. They want their ads to appear to be in these high blogs. That’s normal, putting himself in place of the advertiser, all things will become clear. So, there is not enough of making blog with expensive keywords, but there is not higher in ranking in Google with SEO, your blog will be good in quality for coming good income, then it is evident that there would be the possibility of an increase in revenue.