Trending Social Media WordPress Plugins in 2020


In today’s age of the internet, traffic on your website is important for every online business. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) helps you to optimize your website and achieve a higher ranking on the search engine and get more visitors. There are several SEO WordPress plugins available online for a WordPress website. You can be easily confused about which one to choose.

SEO WordPress Plugins

That’s the reason, we have explained here the best SEO WordPress plugins for online websites. Before that, we will also illustrate some benefits of SEO for a website. Let’s get started!

Why Do We Use SEO On Our Website?

There are various reasons to use SEO on your website.

  • SEO helps you to optimize your website and boost the traffic on your website.
  • Search Engine Optimization can help you to get in front of your target audience, who are firmly searching for information.
  • SEO will help to increase website ranks on results pages. Ultimately, it will move you above your competitors.
  • Optimizing your website continuously enhances user experience that significantly impacts your revenue in the long term.
  • You can easily calculate all elements like referral resources, monitor traffic, conversion, and many more of your website using Search Engine Optimization.


Top 10 WordPress SEO Plugins

1. WordPress SEO Plugin – Rank Math

The Rank Math SEO Plugin helps the website owner to get access to the SEO tools that enhance their SEO and gain more traffic to their website. Moreover, this plugin configures itself.

Rank Math

The plugin lets you optimize your posts for unlimited focused keywords for each post. You can also track your keyword ranking in Google. Apart from this, the plugin has a built-in smart redirection manager that will help you to create, alter, remove, enable, or disable redirect scale.

2. Yoast SEO

The Yoast SEO WordPress plugin helps several websites to rank higher on the search engine. This plugin is powerful to please visitors and search engines. The plugin provides full control of your website’s breadcrumbs. It also automatically set canonical URLs to avoid duplicate content on your website. Moreover, it also has a redirect manager to make your website perfect by easily redirecting deleted pages and alter URLs.


In addition to this, the plugin provides options to have related keywords and synonyms. It also translates your website content to structure data where possible to help search engines to know your WordPress website.

3. Trash Duplicate and 301 Redirect

The Trash Duplicate and 301 Redirect is a useful WordPress SEO plugin that helps you to permanently remove content URLs to the main URL. The main purpose of the plugin is to search and remove duplicate posts and redirect removed posts to preserve your link. It helps you to drive traffic to your website.

Trash Duplicate

In this plugin, you can import and export the redirection list. And, the single post can be also trashed using this plugin. Type-wise searching is also available for site posts.

4. a3 Lazy Load

The a3 Lazy Load is an amazing SEO WordPress plugin that helps you to speed up your website load time. The more content-heavy website the better this plugin will enhance your website performance. It is easy to set up and fully featured WordPress plugin.

a3 Lazy Load

Most importantly, it supports the lazy load feature. It also supports WordPress video Embed like Youtube, Vimeo, and HTML 5 in your post or web pages. It will make embed post load faster.

5. WP Super Cache

The WP Super Cache is a powerful WordPress plugin that develops static HTML files from a dynamic WordPress blog. After the HTML file is created your web server will provide that particular file then process heavier and long WordPress scripts.

WP Super Cache

This plugin is easy to set up. You can create a caught file for the categories, tags, and posts of the website by preloading. To make preloading more efficient it can be useful to disable garbage collection. And, there are no right and wrong settings for the garbage collection, but it depends on your website. The plugin is used to determine “known users” that can be altered by inserting the names of those cookies to a list in the plugin configuration.

6. Hreflang Tags Lite

The Hreflang Tags Lite WordPress plugin develops a new Mets box under web pages, posts, and categories named Hreflang. This plugin saves your time to open each post, page, or product individually because it helps you to update all your entities in a suitable location. It helps you to enhance bulk editing capacity for your website data.


To enhance SEO on your website, you can now set the per post or page. In this plugin, you can test your Hreflang development directly from the meta box that you are working with. And, no other tools or no need to wait for Google crawler to index your web pages. It supports all the languages that WordPress supports.

7. Short Pixel Image Optimizer

The Short Pixel Image Optimizer is an easy to use and lightweight WordPress plugin. It helps you to increase your SEO ranking, boost visitors, and enhance sales by optimizing any image or PDF document on your website. Newly added images are automatically resized and optimized in the background. And, the plugin is also compatible with any gallery, slider, and ECommerce plugin.

This plugin uses minimum resources and works with a shared cloud, VPS, and web hosting. It works with lossy and lossless image compression available for common types of images like JPG, PNG, GIF, and many more. Most importantly, the plugin optimizes images for better user experience, enhanced website speed, better Google page ranking. Ultimately, it boosts the visitors to your website.

8. All in One SEO Pack

The All in One SEO Pack is another powerful SEO WordPress plugin to optimize your WordPress site. It is really easy to use for beginners and has advanced features and an API for developers as well. It automatically notifies search engines such as Google and Bing about changes in your website. Apart from this, the plugin automatically optimizes your web page titles for Google and other search engines.

All In One SEO Pack

The plugin also supports advanced Canonical URLs. Moreover, the image XML sitemap is submitted to Google and Bing to enhance your Image SEO on your website. The plugin is translated into 57 languages so you can select according to your needs.

9. Broken Link Checker

The Broken Link Checker WordPress plugin analyzes and tests all internal links and external links in your posts, web pages, comments, and custom fields. It detects links that are not working properly, missing images, and redirects on your website. The plugin restricts search engines from following broken links as well. It helps you to fix broken links to enhance SEO and user experience on your website.

Broken Link Checker

In this plugin, links can be updated from the plugin’s page, without manually editing each post on your website. Additionally, it is a highly configurable WordPress plugin.

10. Autoptimize

This Autoptimize WordPress plugin helps you to optimize your website easily. It can combine, alter, and cache scripts and styles on your website. In addition to this, the plugin inserts CSS in the web page header by default. But, it can also add inline critical CSS, and defer the collected full CSS, moves scripts to the footer, and minifies HTML.


Using this plugin, you can optimize and lazy-load images, async non-aggregated JavaScript, optimize Google Fonts, delete WordPress core emoji cruft, and many more. It can enhance your website performance even when already on HTTP 2. There is a powerful API available to optimize website requirements.

Final Thought!

These above-explained best 10 SEO WordPress plugins are useful to rank higher on various search engines and get more traffic. These SEO plugins help your website that ultimately increases your sales or conversions. Importantly, you can select an appropriate plugin according to your website needs.

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