Tourist Spots in Jehanabad District [Bihar, India]


Jehanabad is one of the popular Districts in the state of Bihar. In the year of 1986, this district was divided out of old Gaya district. The city of Jehanabad is located at the confluence of the Dardha River and Yamuna.  Jehanabad is popularly known for its historical importance and beautiful architectures.  If you find out the historical records, then you see Jehanabad has lots of tourist attractions. Rock-cut caves and Sufi Darga both are the prime attraction of this site. Read this article to know about the best tourist spots in Jehanabad District.  Hazrat Bibi Kamal ka Mukbara, Kauva Dol Hill, Barabar Caves, Sidheshwar Nath Temple these all places are the major attraction of Jehanabad District. Other attractions of Jehanabad district are the Sun temple of Kako, Lord Vishnu temple, Kali temple of Murgawan etc.  Winter is the best time to visit Jehanabad District.

Location Map of Jehanabad District

Location map of Jehanabad district

Let us look at the best Tourist Spots in Jehanabad District [Bihar, India]

Barabar Caves:

So many tourist spots in Jehanbad district of Bihar, Barabar caves is one of them. The caves were constructed by the Great emperor Ashoka. This ancient monument situated from the dates bake from Ashoka’s time. The main attraction of this monument is 7 caves made in a single big stone. These caves are used by monks to live in. If you come here to visit, then you see the beautiful inscriptions on the walls of the caves. This rock-cut cave is one of the oldest destinations in all over India. This Barabar Cave was comprised with the 4 caves and the Lomas Rishi caves are most interesting to them. The inscription on Lomas Rishi cave walls depicts the history and growth of Buddhism. The architecture of this cave is remaining the culture of this old period and it attracts many visitors.

Hazrat Bibi Kamal ka Mukbara:

Hazrat Bibi Kamal ka Mukbara is situated in the Kako village of Jehanabad district. This is the Dargah of the first woman Sufi saint of India. Hazarat Bibi Kamal was popular for her holy power of healing. According to the history, devotees believe in the holy power of healing in this place for incurable diseases. This holy Darga always fulfills with the local devotees. It is open for all religious.

Kauva Dol Hill:

The Kauva Dol hill is another historical importance in Jehanabad district. It is situated at a distance of 6 kilometers from Barabar caves. The major attraction of this site is a 8 ft statue of Gautam Buddha. The idol of Lord Buddha is the largest statue in Jehanabad and consider as one of the largest Buddha statues in Bihar. Besides the statue, you can see another idol of many Hindu goddesses. The hill surrounded by the beautiful lush greenery and makes this place a good picnic spot.

Shidheshwar Nath Temple:

Shidheshwar-Nath-Temple- Jehanabad- Bihar

The Shidheshwar Nath temple is one of the holy temples in Jehanabad district. It is located on the top of the Barabar hill near Barabar caves. This temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva. If you want to visit this temple so you have to climb at least 300-foot steps then reach the temple. The temple is beautifully decorated and well maintained by the authority.  At the top of the temple, you can see the scenic beauty of Jahenabad district. The wonderful nature and climbing facilities of this site attract many visitors. During the Bengali month of Sraban thousand devotees come here to offer their prayers to the Good. After reaching this temple visitor feels the beauty and many people come here for the family gathering.

If you love adventure, so friends don’t waste your time and visit all amazing destinations in Jehanabad District, which I have already mentioned.

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Barabar Caves
Hazrat Bibi Kamal ka Mukbara
Kauva Dol Hill
Shidheshwar Nath Temple
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