Tourist Spots in Garhwa District [Jharkhand, India]


Garhwa is an important tourist destination in the state of Jharkhand. In the year 1991 Garhwa emarginated from Palamau district and situated as a separate district of Jharkhand. This district surrounded by the River Sone. Geographical location of this district is totally interesting. This district shares its boundary with Bihar, Uttar Pradesh and Chhattisgarh. Here in this post, I have prepared a full list of tourist spots in Garhwa. Read this article to know about the best tourist spots in Garhwa district. Sukhaldari, Radha Krishna Mandir, Saruat Pahar, Raja Pahari, Kanjia, Sukhdari Waterfalls, Gunga Jhanjh Waterfalls, Parasdih Waterfalls these all are the major attractions of Garhwa district. Except rainy season you can visit any time in this district.

Location Map of Garhwa District

Location Map of Garhwa district

Let’s have a look at the best Tourist Spots in Garhwa District [Jharkhand, India]


Sukhaldari in Dhurki is situated on the banks of River Kanhar. Parasdih and Gursandhu waterfalls are the major attraction of this site. The natural beauty and scenic view of this place attract many adventure lovers.

Radha Krishna Mandir:

Idol of Radha Krishna in Garhwa district

The temple of Radha Krishna is located in Garhwa district of Jharkhand. The idol of Lord Krishna and Radha is totally amazing, which attract many visitors.  The idol of this temple is made of 32 mand of gold. Janmashtami and Rash are the major festivals of this site.

Parasdih Waterfalls:

Parasdih Waterfalls

Parasdih Waterfalls is situated in Parasdih near Bhawanathpur, which is falling down from a height of 370 feet.

Saruat Pahar:

Saruat Pahar in Garhwa district

Saruat Pahar or Saruat hill is the highest peak in Garhwa district. In the hill area, there is a small village, this village is largely inhabited by the Korba tribe.

Sukhdari Waterfalls:

Sukhaldari Waterfall

Sukhdari Waterfalls is located on the Kanhar River in Garhwa district, which is falling down from a height of 100 feet.

Raja Pahari:

Raja Pahari is famous for the temple of Lord Shiva, which is surrounded by beautiful landscape. Mahashivratri is the main festival of this place.

Gunga Jhanjh Waterfalls:

Gunga Jhanjh Waterfalls

Gunga Jhanjh Waterfalls is located on the Haraiya River in Hesatu in Garhwa district, which is falling down from a height of 100 feet.


Kanjia village

Kanjia is a small village in Garhwa district, which is famous for the Catholic Ashram. This Ashram is situated here from the dates back to 1937.

If you love adventure, so friends don’t waste your time and visit all amazing destinations in Garhwa District, which I have already mentioned.

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Parasdih Waterfalls
Radha Krishna Mandir
Sukhdari Waterfalls
Saruat Pahar
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tourist-spots-in-garhwa-district-jharkhand-indiaThere are a lot of places to visit in Garhwa District. Among this tourist spots, you can visit amazing places as well as Parasdih Waterfalls, Radha Krishna Mandir, Sukhdari Waterfalls and Saruat Pahar.