Tourist spots in Birbhum [Ballabhpur Wildlife sanctuary, Santniketan, Nalateswari Temple, Tarasankar statue, Bakreshwar and More]


Birbhum is a district or the best tourist spot of West Bengal in India. It is just 100 km away from Murshidabad district and it is a neighborhood district of Murshidabad.  So many Natural, beautiful and attractive Places are situated in Birbhum district.  Here in this post, I have prepared a full list of Prime attraction of Birbhum District.  If you looking at the article, then you know about all interesting places or best views of this District, which I have mentioned. Ballabhpur Wildlife sanctuary, Rabindra Bhavan, Nalateswari Temple, Mama Bhagne Pahar, Tarasankar statue, Bakreshwar, these all places are amazing places of Birbhum District.

Location map of birbhum district

Tourist Spots in Birbhum District (West Bengal, India)

Ballabhpur Wildlife sanctuary:

Location: Bolpur, Birbhum (W.B.)

Established: 1777

Popular For: Deer

Area: 2 square kilometers

Average elevation: 56 meters

Timings: 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Closed: Wednesday.

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The Wildlife sanctuary is located in Santiniketan of Birbhum District. It was established in 1777. This sanctuary is famous for the deer park. There are various types of animals and birds like Blackbuck, jackals, water birds etc are found here.

Rabindra Bhvan:

Location: Bolpur, Birbhum (W.B.)

Founded: July 1942.

Distance from Kolkata: 160 K.M.

No of Books: Over 40000 (Approximate)

Rabindra Bhavan in Birbhum
Rabindra Bhavan

Rabindra Bhavan is situated in Santiniketan of Birbhum district. Rabindra Bhavan was known as the personal library of Rabindranath Tagore. If you are interested in literature so please come to find out this museum. Rabindranath Tagore’s own paintings, Voice recording, thousand photographs, 40000 volumes of books, 12000 bound journals and sketches are present here, which is the main attraction for the tourist.

Nalateswari Temple:

Location: Nalhati, Birbhum (W.B.)

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Nalateswari Temple is one of the oldest temples of Birbhum district. It is famous as a Sakti Peetha (Sati Peetha). 51 major Shakti Peethas are situated all over in India, Nalateswari Temple is one of them. Maa Nalateswari is also admired as ‘Bhagobidhata-Nalateswri’ or ‘Devi Paravati’. The holy temple of Mata Sati also known as Kalika mandir. The word ‘Nala’ means ‘Throat ’. Everyone believed that Mata Satis Throat or Nala has been fallen here, that’s why this holy temple famous as ‘Nalateswari Temple’.

Mama Bhagne Pahar:

Location: Dubarajpur, Birbhum (W.B.)

Formation: Granite Rock.

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Mama Bhagne Pahar is a hill area of Birbhum district. It is a natural formation of granite rock. The area of this Pahar is not more than 1 square km and it also is known as ‘Pahdeswar’. Here the Santhal tribes believed this rock as God of rock. This rock is the extreme part of Chota Nagpur Plateau. Varies types and shapes of this rock structure creating Fantastic nature.

Raipur Rajbari:

Location: Raipur, Birbhum (W.B.)

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Raipur village is situated in Birbhum and Murshidabad border area. Once upon a time, Raipur was the house of the first Indian member of British. Raipur Rajbari is famous for excellent models of the terracotta sculpture. Now those days Raipur Rajbari’s whole area came to be known as Santiniketan.

Kankalitala entrance:

Location: Birbhum (W.B.)

Open: Everyday

Distance from Santiniketan: 10 K.M.

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Kankalitala Holy temple also famous as a Sakti peetha of Mata Sati. It is situated on the bank of Kopai River and one of the major part of 51 Sakti peetha. An interesting Story related to this temple.  According to the Mythology, when the dead body of Mata Sakti’s divided 51 parts by Lord Shiva’s Sudarshan chakra, the waist fell at Kankalitala.


Location: Santiniketan, Birbhum (W.B.)

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Everybody knew that Chattimtala was the meditation spot of Debndranath Tagore. In this place as covered with a branch of Chhatim tree. Every student of Santiniketan genuinely connected with this spot.

Kala Bhavan:

Location: Santiniketan, Birbhum (W.B.)

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The meaningful name Kala Bhavan suggested by the students of Visva Bharati University. The word ‘Kala’ means ‘Art’. This place actually focused on developing art techniques.

China Bhavan:

Location: Santiniketan, Birbhum (W.B.)

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Santiniketan divided separate branches of study, China Bhavan is one of them. China Bhavan mainly focused on developing Chinese culture, language, and traditions.

Sangeet Bhavan:

Location: Santiniketan, Birbhum (W.B.)

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Sangeet Bhavan also as a part of Santiniketan. Sangeet Bhavan only focused on developing Singing and dancing.

Uttrayan Complex:

Location: Santiniketan, Birbhum (W.B.)

Closed: Wednesday

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Uttrayan Complex also known as Tagore’s memory lane. Once upon a time, Rabindranath Tagore lived this beautiful heritage.

Boidhra Dam:

Location: Birbhum, West Bengal

Boidhra Dam in birbhum district
Boidhra Dam

Boidhra Dam or bridge is situated on the bank of the river Brahmani. The dam was constructed in the year 1995-1996. Now this place considered as a beautiful picnic spot of Birbhum district.


Location: Rampurhat, Birbhum (W.B.)

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Tarapit is located in Rampurhat of Birbhum District. Trapith is a holy temple of ‘Maa Tara’ or ‘Mata Parvati’. Another Famous Shakti Peeth is Tarapith. This place also famous for Saint Sadhak Bamakhepa.


Location: Labhpur, Birbhum (W.B.)

Distance from Santiniketan: 30 K.M.

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Fullara is temple town situated in Labhpur of Birbhum District. This holy temple is famous for Mata ‘Fullara’ and it is also attraction of tourist. Fullara Mandir is another Major part of Mata Shakti’s 51 peeths.

Tarasankar statue:

Location: Labhpur, Birbhum (W.B.)

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Tarasankar statue is situated in Birbhum district near Fullara temple. Tarasankar statue is famous for the greatest Bengali Novelists Tarasankar Bandyopadhyay’s house.  Here you have seen old model house of Tarasankar Bandyopadhyay. Major Festivals of this site are Durga puja, Jagadhatri puja and Rash Yatra.

Gateway of Datababa mazar:

Location: Suri, Birbhum (W.B.)

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Gateway of Datababa mazar is situated in district head quarter (Suri) of Birbhum District. It is the tomb of Datababa. Saha Meheboob a Muslim ascetic famous as Data Saheb or Databba. Many peoples come to sharing their problems and fillings.

Prakriti bhavan nature art museum (PBNAM):

Location: Santiniketan, Birhuum (W.B.)

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Prakriti bhavan is situated near Ballavpur, Santiniketan. Prakriti bhavan is one of the most Graphic part of Santiniketan. It is an interesting and impressive unique nature art Museum. This beautiful place of Santiniketan in linking man with nature through art, music, sketches, poetry, photography etc.


Location: Bakreshwar, Birbhum (W.B.)

Interesting Features: Holy Temple of Mata Shakti, Thermal Power Station and                                      Hot Springs.

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Bakreshwar is a town in the Suri of Birbhum District. Bakreshwar is a Geographical place and also famous as Shakti Peeth of Devi Parvati and Thermal power Station. Mata Mahishasurmardini or mata Shakti’s eyebrows fell down in this spot, that’s why it is known as holy temple. Here situated most beautiful ten Hot Springs, which is also attraction of Geological Interest.

Tagore’s ashrama or Santiniketan Griha:

Location: Santiniketan, Birbhum (W.B.)

Constructed By: Debendranath Tagore

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Tagore’s ashrama is situated in Uttrayan Complex of Santiniketan. It is one of the most important place of Bolpur. This place built by Tagore’s father Maharshi  Debendranath Tagore. Tagore’s father called his home Shantiniketan or Santi Griha. At That time to present days this place known as Santiniketan.

Amar Kutir:

Location: Santiniketan, Birbhum (W.B.)

Famous for: Handicrafts

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Amar Kutir is situated near Santiniketan of Birbhum District. Amar Kuthi is the great creation of Rabindranath Tgore to developing art and the craft. If you want to purchasing Handicraft and art craft so please visit this place. In this place produce many types of handicrafts and goods like bamboo and batik crafts, kantha stitched sarees, leather goods etc.

Neel Nirjan:

Location: Birbhum, West Bengal.

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Neel Nirjan is a reservoir or dam of Birbhum district, which providing water to the thermal power of Bakreshwar. So many type of birds are found in this natural site, that’s why this natural place gaining in popularity as a tourist spot.


Total area: 2km long

Main attraction: Laterite soil (lal mati), Fair, Sonajhuri forest, Baul Songs,                                    shooting spot etc.

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Khoai is a small canyons and a beautiful feature of geology.  It is formed by continues erosion of wind and water (Kopai River). Khoai area totally covered by laterite soil and Sonajhuri forest. Every Saturday Khoai fair is also attraction of tourist. At the present time Khoai is famous for film and television shooting. The Baul songs are also performed by various baul groups.

So friends don’t waste your time and visit all  amazing places in Birbhum District.

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