Tourist spots in North Dinajpur District [Sap Nikla Forest, Raiganj Bird Sanctuary, Bhairabi Kali Temple, Burhana Fakir’s Mosque and more]]


North Dinajpur is a well-known district of West Bengal. This District is known also its popular name Uttar Dinajpur. North Dinajpur is an interesting tourist destination. So many beautiful features, such as Temples and forest are situated in this district. This place is also famous for various types of birds and animals habitation. Read this article to know about the amazing tourist spots in Uttar Dinajpur or North Dinajpur District.

Location map of north dinajpur or uttar dinajpur district

A full list of wonderful tourist spots in North Dinajpur District (West Bengal, India)

Sap Nikla Forest:

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Sap Nikla is a beautiful forest of North Dinajpur District. It is located at a distance of just 22 km from Islampur. If you come to this spot, then you relish the beauty of the amazing lake and forest. Various types of birds and nature’s beauty are the attraction of this forest.

Kunore Village:

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So many villages are present in North Dinajpur District, Kunore village is one of the most popular from them. It is located in kaliganj Tehsil o North Dinajpur. This village is extremely famous for terracotta pottery.

Raiganj Bird Sanctuary:

Location: Raiganj, North Dinajpur (West Bengal)

Established: 1985

Second largest sanctuary in Asia.

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Raiganj Bird Sanctuary is situated in Raiganj beside the national Highway. It’s covering an area of 35 acres. Raiganj Bird Sanctuary is also known as Kulik Bird Sanctuary. 164 species of birds are currently present in this sanctuary and every year more than 70,000 migratory birds from south Asian countries and coastal areas visit in this sanctuary. According to the area, this sanctuary is the second largest Sanctuary in Asia. The structure of this sanctuary is like English alphabet ‘U’ and it is connected with the river Kulik.

Karnajora Museum and park:

Karnajora Museum and park

Karnajora Museum and the park is situated in Karnajora of North Dinajpur District. This Museum is famous as a preserver of antique collection and terracotta sculptures. There are different types of flora and fauna are also exist in this park.

Burhana Fakir’s Mosque:

Burhana Fakir’s Mosque

Burhana Fakir’s Mosque is located in North Dinajpur. The main attraction of this tourist spot is its unique architectural style. This Mosque also represents the culture of the Muslim religion.

Bhairabi Kali Temple:

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Bhairabi Kali Temple is situated at Bindole in Uttar Dinajpur District. It is an ideal place to see the Bengal Architecture. This temple is famous for excellent models of terracotta sculpture and it is also made by black stone. Now Bhairabi Kali Temple is maintained by Government of India for its archaeological importance and it has been reconstructed recently.

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