Top Magento Development Tools that Every Developer Should Know


Magento is one of the popular and widely used eCommerce platforms. It is based on open source and offers excellent performance for the websites. This platform has a strong support of a large number of communities and is written in PHP.  Experts constantly upgrade the latest version of this platform to offer the latest functionalities and ultimate experience. 

This platform offers a way to improve several development processes. Apart from this, Magento also offers extensive support of different tools, plugins, extensions to increase the productivity of the developers. Choosing the right Magento tool, is the most challenging and daunting task for the programmers. There are several tools, which offer different features and also helps to reduce time and efforts by excluding several routine tasks from the daily lives development cycle. 

In this blog, we are listing the top Magento development tools, that every developer should know  – 

Best Magento Tools that every Developer should Know

Magento Development
Magento Development

1) Magento Debug

This tool provides a debugger toolbar. This shows all the loglines, and events that were dispatched during request and all the observers called, along with the listed models and collections. While developing an Ecommerce website, it is always recommended to have a debug tool. 

Whereas, Magento Debug offers a debug toolbar which toogles its modules on and off. Along with this, it also clears the cache and toggle template hints. 

2) PHP Storm

This is another Magento development tool, which helps developers in wide processes. 

  • PHPStorm is helpful in many ways among them as it categorises and manages large as well as complex projects effectively. 
  • The coding process turns into more easier and faster as it ensures to save both time and effort. 
  • Also, provides tools for testing and profiling your application.

3) Xdebug 

The Xdebug is considered the best tool for debugging the PHP codes. Even Xdebug tool has been considered as a protocol in the PHP development process.

  •  It can also be used to offer information for the different PHP scripts. 
  • Support of code coverage analysis
  • Provides the capabilities to debug your scripts in an interactive and engaging way with the support of a frontend tool. 

4) Enhanced Admin Product Grid

It is the best platform to enhance the product search of the E-commerce platform. This tool ensures customers to search for their desired products from E-commerce websites. Additionally, with the help of this tool, programmers can build easy display options to enhance the search visibility functionality, which helps to offer better outcomes. 

  • Helps to highlight the extensive product rows. 
  • It also displays the product-based thumbnail images in the catalog based on the product grid.
  • Users can filter and sort several products from the list easily by leveraging the additional features. 
  •  With thumbnails also, users can search the products easily and with any hassle. 
  • As per the E-commerce owner’s business needs, if they prefer to hide some columns from the product grid, so they can disable them and also enable them if they require it with this tool. 
  • Users can quickly edit product information right on the grid. 

Z-ray for Magento

This development tool is a boon for the developers. It allows them to optimize, monitor as well as to launch the high functional websites with outstanding performance. 

  • With the help of this tool, developers can analyze the Magento based application in depth. 
  • This tool also helps developers to find the errors in the web pagēs development processes. 
  • Also, opens several new opportunities to the programmers which includes the capability of detecting, analyzing and fixing the issues at early stages. 
  • Different issues related to database queries as well as page request analysis can also be fixed easily by opting for this tool in the development process. 


This tool is inspired by Magento, it delivers excellent productivity to the users. It also allows users to mix their extension files via the core code directory. 

  • Allows specifying the mapping of the text file. 
  • Helps in maintaining the symlinks, which makes it easier for the developers to deploy the code. 


Magento is a widely used platform for the E-commerce platform. It is the foremost choice of developers. Here, we have mentioned top Magento development tools, which helps programmers to launch their E-commerce based websites in the market.  If you are also planning to hire a Magento developer for your project, then make sure a developer should have all the skills and be able to meet your project requirements.

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