Download the Latest offline version of W3Schools 2016


I hope all of you are fine. Those who love Web Design, today this tune is for all those brothers. I hope you will like it and it will need. Those who have learned web design or development and can’t hear the name of W3Schools, it is not possible to get people like them. There are web design, development tutorial very beautifully. W3Schools is a tutorial based website. There are few examples of the codes in W3Schools. Using an online editor, you can edit example.

How to download the Latest Offline Version of W3Schools 2016?


In 1998, basically Refsnes data, a Norway software development and advice company had made this Website. For which anybody can learn web design themselves from online. Those who have no unlimited net or it is not possible to use always or sometimes the problem is related to the net connection. For that if we download website offline version with online then we can use without net connection like online. I hope those who want to learn web design without internet connection, Latest Offline Version is for them. Download Offline Version of W3School 2016. There is a download link at the end of the tune.


What has in this website, list of them are given in below:

#1. HTML & CSS:

  1. Learn HTML
  2. Learn CSS
  3. Learn W3.CSS
  4. Learn Colors
  5. Learn  Bootstrap
  6. Learn How to

#2. Web Building:

  1. Web Building
  2. Web Statistics
  3. Web Certification

#3. JavaScript:

  1. Learn JavaScript
  2. Learn jQuery
  3. Learn jQuery Mobile
  4. Learn AppML
  5. Learn AngularJS
  6. Learn JSON

#4. HTML,  Graphics:

  1. Learn Canvas
  2. Learn SVG
  3. Learn Icons
  4. Learn google Maps

#5. Server Side:

  1. Learn PHP
  2. Learn SQL
  3. Learn ASP
  4. Learn ASP.NET

#6. XML Tutorials:

  1. Learn XML
  2. Learn XSLT
  3. Learn AJAX

W3Schools Latest Offline Version 2016 download the link from below.
1st Download link.
2nd Download link.

After download what you have to do:

At first after downloaded the rar file of W3Schools, extract that with WinRAR or any zip opener. Open folder after it, then click file index.html. Now which page will come in browser that is the offline website of W3Schools. From here you can learn easily web design and development without a net connection.

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Thank you all…