Best 7 Magento development Trends to watch out for in 2019


Magento platform is used by millions if not billions of users globally offering cost-effective eCommerce development services for both small and large scale stores.

Anyone can build highly interactive websites with Magento due to its reliability. This platform is the preferred choice for many web developers and business owners providing the best online shopping experience using its incredible features. If you are interested in building an online store, get the best Magento developers to help build one and get value for your money. As I said trends change annually and Magento is not left behind. Here are some of them for 2019.

Include AI & Chatbots

If you are a conservative, here’s chatbots, signifying artificial intelligence is here to stay so you better get used to it. It has already attracted many people globally and many love how it works in making life easier. This concept is not new in the eCommerce industry, with chatbots being used to assist and support users whenever technical issues arise. Stores using this concept have gained a lot recently.

They use AI to help brands target specific customers using certain products and grant them a personalized shopping experience. By analyzing the shipping trends of a shopper, AI is able to suggest what a particular person needs and what brands they prefer.

Personalized Experiences

Customers nowadays want to be treated with royalty. Yap and they are always right. They want that personalized touch when they shop online. This is a very competitive industry and if you are not careful with their demands they’ll ditch you like yesterday’s newspaper. Magento has specific coupons and discount based on their buying culture. These offers make customers running back for more. This also makes the customer feel appreciated.

Smarter Organic Searches

The beauty of Magento lies in its SEO. If you think you can just build a store, lay back, and expect customers to find your store, you are very mistaken. You need to make your store rank higher in Google and other major search engines. Some of the options available on Magento to help visitors find your store are filters, auto-complete, and breadcrumbs. This set at the development stage, so ask your web developer to incorporate them in your store. They help visitors find out more about the product offered in your store. A smart search feature is a powerful tool that will continue to dominate this year.

High-Quality Images With Awesome Content

You might have a great store with many different product categories available at affordable prices but with quality content to back it up, you make significant growth. Images should be available also to help customers visualize what they intend to buy. This also helps in SEO by providing targeted keywords. The images just like the content should have high quality and clarity. This is not all, you can also use videos to illustrate how to use a particular product. Great content also increase conversion rate boosting your site traffic.

Social Selling

Magento really pushed their social marketing last year and in 2019 we expect it to take social networking to a higher level. Social media is one of the most powerful tools in Ecommerce marketing. A lot of people nowadays have social media accounts making it easier to spread the word about your products and services. This helps to make quick sales. You can create campaigns to promote your business online through social media or you can give ad space and general passive income on your website through social media ads.

Push Notifications

If you want to boost sales in your Magento store, seek professional help from a Magento developer about push notifications. Pop-ups and push notifications are great ways to increase your customer base. They help you to spread the word about your offering to targeted audience or prospective customers. However, choose wisely the frequency used to send these notifications as some people may feel agitated. Always send notification to someone you’ve already introduced to your store to avoid misuse.

Payment Methods

Magento experts offer variety of payment methods, convenient to the store owner and users. This year they have partnered with various payment gateways to make your customers pay for goods at the comfort of their homes or workplace. You can be paid using credit cards, PayPal, Stripe and other major payment options. Magento has very low transaction fees and both the store owner and the customer will be satisfied. Shipping is also one of their concerns in 2019 and is putting structures in place to make it swift and reliable.

Voice Input technologies

Voice input methods have really helped online stores to interact with users and visitors. Magento is not left out. Some of these services include Siri, Alexa, and Google Assistant that have made products searchable using voice. Although this is a new entity in Magento, it is expected to flourish in 2019. This method of conducting a search on search engines, which is also fun and people love it.

Final Thoughts

Great customer experience is what drives consumers to your store. Customers want quick smooth and affordable services. By using Magento online store builder, you’ll get all the necessary feature used to improve customer experience in your store. The platform is available globally and offers its store development services at affordable prices compared to other eCommerce services. If you feel that this is the platform you need to start your store, make a point of hiring an experienced Magento designer.

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