How to remove vocal from mp3 songs? (100% Working)


Are you finding vocal remover software? Do you want to remove vocal from mp3 songs? If yes, then this article will be very helpful for you. I’m also finding this solution for a few days. I tried several times to download only the background music of the song. I’ve not found any website which provides the background music or the instrumental songs. There are some websites on the web for downloading instrumental music, but they have a limited stock. They are not able to provide instrumental music of all songs. Instrumental music and background music are different. Background music is the music which is without vocal. Music companies never sell any background music, they sell only the music. So, you would not get background music on the web. You’ve to extract or you’ve to remove the vocal from the song to get the background music.

How to remove vocal from mp3 songs with Audacity?

Today, I’m going to share vocal removal tips, which works for every song. What do you need to do this?

Software Require:

  1. Audacity Software (It is a freeware) – Download Now – it is a Windows version (For MAC version Click here)
  2. A plugin to remove the music. – Download
  3. An mp3 song.

Let’s remove the vocal:

#1 First, Install the Audacity software on your Windows PC.

#2 Second, Install the plugin.

#3 Third, open/run Audacity and import a song/music (Click on “File” menu, then “Import”, then “Audio” – you can also use drag and drop method.)

import audio

#4 Fourth, after import a song, click on the “Effect” menu, then click on “Karoke” – now change the vocal volume into –70.0 and click on the “Ok” button.

Karoke effect

vocal volume

#5 Fifth, again go to the “Effect” menu and click on “Vocal Remover” option, then click on the “Ok” button. No need to change the settings.

Vocal Remover in Audacity

vocal remover for center panned vocals

#6 Sixth, once again, click on the “Effect” Menu and click on the “Invert” option. Done! Now export the music and listen the music without vocal.

invert music

Problem! Watch the video tutorial below:

You may also remove vocal from any song on your Android Smartphone

If you are an Android User, then you’ve to download and app for removing the vocal from a song. Every Android users love music. And they love to sang their favourite song with their own vocal. For doing this, they need to remove the vocal from the song.

remove vocal from any song
Remove vocal from any song

If you want to do it, then download the “SingPlay” Android app on your Android Smartphone from PlayStore or here. With this app, you can separate the music from the song, you can see the lyric and you can record your voice.

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