Top 15 PDF eBooks on Web Designing and Web Development of 2015


Important PDF eBooks for those who wants to become a complete Web Designer or Web Developer. Top 15 PDF eBooks on Web Designing and Web Development of 2015. You can learn new things in new way with these PDF eBooks.

PDF eBooks on Web Designing and Web Development

If you are new in web designing, then these PDF eBooks will teach you step by step to become a professional web designer or web developer.

In these PDF eBooks, you will get the complete guideline for learning web development. No coaching centre requires, you will learn with Google. I think, Google is the best way for learning anything. Because you will meet with the real experts on Google for getting help. By the way, today I’ll share some books for you. Some books have a download link and some books you have to read online.

1# Pocket Guide to Writing SVG

This online book will change your learning experience. You will get a complete guideline on SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) in this book. You will get an idea on “where do you start?”.  You will learn SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) step by step. Read this book online. Written by: Joni Trythall.

Pocket Guide to Writing SVG

2# Speaking JavaScript

The best eBook for beginners who wants to learn JavaScript. You will learn the basic level to advanced level. Read it online. Written by: Dr. Axel Rauschmayer.

Speaking JavaScript

3# Adaptive Web Design

You will get a theoretical and practical guide on JavaScript, HTML, and CSS in this eBook. This book has amazing review – it will change your learning experience. This book is written by: Aaron Gustafson. Read this book online.

Adaptive Web Design

4# 27 Page Type Classification eBook

You will learn about “Typography” from basic classification to advance level in this 27 page eBook. Written by: Jacob Cass. Download this eBook.

27 Page Type Classification eBook

5# 11 Things to Do with Every New WordPress Install

Want to learn WordPress? I have created many tutorials, you can read these.  WordPress users can learn more. In this eBook, you will get 11 important tips on WordPress. Don’t miss it, if you are a WordPress user. Written by: iThemes Media. Download this eBook.

11 Things to Do with Every New WordPress Install

6# Building Web Apps with Go

This eBook has 15 pages. This book will teach you, how to create web apps? Written by: Jeremy Saenz. Download it or read online.

Building Web Apps with Go

8# Go Mobile With WordPress

Design mobile friendly website with WordPress. Mobile friendly feature is very important now for getting better rank on Google. You will be able to make your theme responsive with this eBook. Download now. Written by: iThemes Media.

Go Mobile With WordPress

9# HTML Canvas Deep Dive

Best eBook for creating canvas app. You will get an a-z guide for creating canvas app. Basic HTML and JavaScript knowledge require for creating canvas app with this eBook. Written by: Josh Marinacci. Download this eBook now.

HTML Canvas Deep Dive

9# 10 Keys to Great Landing Pages

Do you know, what is the difference between “Home” page and “Landing” pages. You will get 20 great tips for creating landing page. Written by: iThemes Media. Download this eBook now.

10 Keys to Great Landing Pages

10# Book of Speed

Web performance based eBook. You will get a complete guide on web performance. Written by: Stoyan Stefanov, Read this book online.

Book of Speed

11# A Practical Guide to Designing for the Web

You will get important 5 chapters in this eBook, which are- research, ideas, colors, typography, layout. If you want to make more more experience, then must read this book. Author: Mark Boulton, Download PDF now.

12# PHP: The Right Way

PHP is the world’s most used programming language. Want to learn PHP? This eBook will help you. Written by: Josh Lockhart. Read it online.

PHP: The Right Way

13# Essential Career Advice for Developers

This book is written by iThemes’s CEO. You will get tips and tricks for becoming a developer. How to create a portfolio? How to contact with clients? And much more. Written by: Cory J. Miller. Download now.

14# So You Want To Be A Freelancer?

Do you want to become a Freelancer? Choose freelancer as a profession. You will get complete guide for starting as a freelancer. Written by: iThemes Media. Download this eBook now.

So You Want To Be A Freelancer

15# Magic of CSS

Advance CSS tutorial. Learn CSS in advanced. You will get 6 advanced chapters in this eBook – which are: box model, layout, table layout, color, typography and CSS transitions. Read this book online now. Written by: Adam Schwartz.

Magic of CSS

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