There is a technique of keeping safe Wi-Fi Router in windows 10


Many things are new in windows 10 operating system. Mentionable feature between, it is Wi-Fi sense. Through this you can use Wi-Fi with friends on Facebook or outlook by sharing directly without password. But there is a risk of being opposite.

Do you know how to secure your WI-FI Network in Windows 10?


Because your enemies who are disguised as friends, if they get a chance then they can grab information, entering into the network. Hackers lurk to take that type of chance for creating disturbance. If you don’t want that type of risk, then it can be closed.

To inform you, this process of keeping close Wi-Fi sharing, this tutorial for that.

To close this feature you have to go first to “Settings”.

Then you have to go to Network & Internet from there.


Click Wi-Fi option from there and then you have to click on Manage Wi-Fi settings.


So a new window will be active, from where you have to uncheck outlook, Facebook, Skype contacts.

So if the hotspot has Wi-Fi sharing then anybody will not use it. Which will increase your network’s security and more safe.