The Experts recommended browsers for Windows PC users


Now browser the internet, like an expert with experts recommended browsers. Download top 5 expert recommended browsers for Windows PC. If you are a Windows PC user, you can take the advantages of these browsers.

List of experts recommended browsers for Windows PC users

List of experts recommended browsers for Windows PC users

  1. Google Chrome Browser
  2. Baidu Browser
  3. Maxthon Browser
  4. Torch Browser
  5. Tor Browser

1. Google Chrome:

Most recommended web browser for PC or Tab or Mobile user. This browser supports all Google products. I think it is only one expert recommended browser which has no doubt. You can customize Google Chrome through its extensions. Google Chrome has a huge platform for the extension. Here is a list of the most popular extension for Google Chrome users. Download Now…

google chrome browser

2. Baidu:

New browser with new features. Especially I like to use this browser. It is a Chinese web browser. The features of this browser are just awesome. If you don’t use, you never understand. Especially speed is the main feature of this browser. No external download manager require if you use this browser. You can download any YouTube video or any files or any software from any website without any download manager. You can also convert video formats to MP3 or other file formats. I think you are thinking about extensions. This browser supports all Google Chrome extensions. You can play YouTube any ware from your desktop, you can search other websites and watch YouTube video at a time with this browser. You can also download torrent files with this browser. Download Now…

baidu browser

3. Maxthon:

Another super browser for PC users. This browser also like Baidu browser. You can configure this browser as you want. It has the multi-search option. You can search instantly with your favorite search engine. You can also add huge bookmarks on the home page. Especially I like its drag and drop search feature. Download Now…

maxthon browsers

4. Torch Browser:

The manufacturer of this browser just copied Google Chrome browser. It is like the Google Chrome browser. But the added some more extra features such as: Torrent download manager, drag and drop share option, Facebook customizer, media auto download option. This browser also supports Google Chrome extension. A few days ago I used this browser, but now I don’t like to use Google Chrome and Baidu. Download Now…

torch browser

5. Tor Browser:

It is a different browser from other browsers. You can browse anonymously with this browser. This browser automatically hides the real IP address of your PC. If you want to do any illegal activities on the web, you can use this browser. It is free. Now extra IP hider software requires. You can choose a custom IP address from others country. Download Now…

tor browser

How to restore browser history, bookmark, password and extension?

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