There are some excellent tips for browser- First part


There is a common thing in us who use computer. That is, though we more or less know basic computer or advance and we all use browser software. Because we are connected through this browser and after this we get information of academic, entertaining and wayward content from the internet world.

There are some excellent and simple tips for super fast Web Browsing.


As we use browser rateably, that’s why if we know about some tips and tricks through which we will get benefit at the time of browsing, isn’t it good for us? So today I will share with you some browser tips and tricks, learning which you will get an advantage, although at the time of using the browser. Let’s start it.

Restoring Tab:

If you close a tab unwittingly among many tabs, then you can find easily that tab in the list “Recently Closed Tabs”. Benefits have been given in most of the browsers.

And if you don’t want any trouble then you can use in shortcut Ctrl+Shift+T. And your closing tab will restore.

Clearing Cash:

Many things are referred in computer related topic “Cash”, but when we will say about internet cash, in that case, it’s meaning is the process of preservation webpage and varieties images which has stored in the computer. For that bandwidth reduces, server load decreases and lag removes. For that if any content is not added to any site, then that site may load very fast for cash.

But in some case, this cash can corrupt. If it is so, then you will delete that cash easily if you have wish and you will reload proper version of the page through pressing Ctrl+Shift+R in shortcut.

Cancelling web page in case of load:

Suppose, suddenly your favourite site has gone off line. There are many reasons behind site off, one day we will discuss about that. Now if you want to visit this site, then going to you can paste the URL. There are many pages or cashed version of the old site in this archive site which has been preserved.

The Process of Highlighting URL:

It is easy to work with the help of a mouse, but keyboard shortcuts do that work very faster than the mouse. Of course you know a file, or text cut, copy and shortcut keys of paste. Today I have taught you one more easy and useful shortcut command.

Which page you have browsed, if you want to share it very fast or use a URL in any browser or tab then press Ctrl+L. Through this you will stay in which page, then automatically that’s URL will be highlighted.

The Process of Changing from Text to Web Address:

If you write one site in search bar just for browsing then it will be loaded through one search engine at first. But, if you want to access on site fast and direct without typing the full web address then writing that site press Ctrl+Enter, so gradually www and .com will be used before and after of that site’s URL.

It is enough for today, we will discuss about other tips from the list in the next phase. Till then, take care.