The Book Review of The Art of Memory Forensics


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The Art of Memory Forensics an ultimate e-book of Computer Algorithms

Art of Memory Forensics

Today I am discussing a review of the book which relates to the algorithm is “The Art of Memory Forensics“.  This is the volume or the tome on memory analysis , brought to you by This book discusses WINDOWS, LINUX, MAC memory analysis and as such must be a part of DFIR analyst’s reading and reference list.

This book contains 858 pages and is quite literally packed with valuable information.  This book is targeted at improving the competence levels and the investigative and forensic skill of forensic experts, network security professionals, incident response officers, law enforcement officers and government agents. This book gives us an extensive knowledge of memory analysis from start to finish. This book furnishes us a detailed description of system architecture, as it pertains to memory. This book also gives a fundamental knowledge that is really required for complete  understanding of memory analysis.

The book then proceeds with a complete walk-through of the Volatility Framework itself, covering topics such as plugins, basic and advanced usage, etc. This book is broken into 4 major parts. The first part of the book gives a basic introduction of the computer hardware and software. It also presents the tools and techniques for acquiring memory and implementing the Volatility framework. The next 3 parts of the book elaborate on the specifics of each major operating system (Windows, Linux and Mac). Throughout the book , the author brings unbelievable wealth of experience to bear in this book ,as well.

If you want to buy this book , the price of this book is $14.28(Kindle version) and  $36.87-$50.49 (paperback version). But, we can give you free.

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