Do you want to find the Story of Short Film or Drama? Just Read it


How are you? I am well. However, some ideas for short films have come to my mind. Then, I have searched a lot for the story of the short film and after reading some notes I have gained so many experiences. So, today I will share with you.

Now, I will tell you that how would you make or get the story of the short film or drama? You just enjoy the journey.

Find short stories for short films


Connect anonymously with the people:

You connect anonymously with the people. You talk with the people. If they share their experiences of their lives, then you will get the materials of making story of the short films. Just keep in watch that the demand of the experience of your life can fill the experience of the lives of other people. You just have to know it. For this, you have to ask some questions which the general people do no ask without any good acquainted people. If you ask any question, then so many people can tell you mad. But, you never think about it.

When we acquaint with someone, then after some days, we ask some questions. For example: What’s your goal in your life? What are you good at? Why are you here? What do you want to be? Such kind of wrong questions. For this, so many people think me as a weirdo. Again, So What? Who cares what they think of me?

  1. Watch a lot of Films:

The film is made from the film. After watching so many films, you will get the idea of your short films. You don’t need to get the whole story. You just get the idea. By using the idea, you just think about it which is called brain storming. You just think about this idea and share with your friends. The best is that if you can share with the film makers. At that time, you will just watch that the ideas are constructing and then you will give the full-fledged version of this story. Suppose, after watching the movie “Twelve Angry Men”, an idea has come in your mind: a man who is a private tutor. He comes in his student’ shoes and faces some strange situations. His life may be in doubt. At that time, what he will do? Either does he move back or he face the situation? It is just an indoor based. By using this theme, you can make a dark comedy. Think about it.

2. Watch a lot of Short Films:

You will gain experience after watching so many short films. You will get so many ideas. Suppose, the story of the short film is London based, but you make it as Kolkata based. You don’t pay any credits. Because, you don’t copy direct. You just take an idea from that. The main theme may be same. But, the story must be the different. Just keep in watch that I am just telling you the theme. You never copy the story. If you have a wish to work with the story of any shot film, then you will obviously mention that film. In this world, the number of thieves is more, but the stability of these thieves is no longer.

3.  Read Huge stories:

You may not like all stories. All stories may not suitable for films. But, suddenly you get a story which would mark in your mind. You construct the story in your own mind. You may large or short this story. You can also add some other parts of the other stories.

4.  Keep Watch in the Story Department of the Newspaper: 

News Paper

When I read the Newspaper, then I read the story department very carefully. Just because, I love to read stories. So many stories are the product of the human experiences. I like to know their experiences. You can also read the stories. Short stories will enhance your experience. If you want to work with stories, then you can contact with the newspaper company or any writers. You request them. So many people will agree with you.

5.   Keep Watch on Facebook:


In Facebook, so many people write some short stories. You read their writings. In many stories, you will get really surprised. You think that you may work with this stories. You don’t have so many friends or so many celebrities may not accept your friend requests. In this case, you follow them. You read their stories if these come in your homepage. If you like anybody’s story, then you send message. You tell them politely that in which purposes you want take their stories. You tell them that you will pay full credit. They must agree with you. It is 90% sure.

6.  Visit Blog Sites:

There are so many writers in the blog. I think, they write huge articles which is not so available in the main stream. You read their articles and short stories. Either, they will bring some ideas or you work with their stories directly. You contact with them and understand them. Most of the times, they will agree with you.

7.   Listen Radio:


So many radio jockeys tell a story. You can know so many incidents, facts etc. After listening you will get so many stories. After listening you do not remember the A-Z story, but you remember the theme or idea of the story. You just work on the theme. Mind it, you must mention from where you have collected.

Now, what do you do? Just write the script. Either, you can tell the scriptwriter that based on this story you can make another script or you can write this story.