There are 6 awesome websites to read Bengali book with free of cost


Is time, gradually coming to the end of paper books! No, reading reversed and reversed of fresh book’s page and apply of new book’s smell never end. But demand has increased also of E-book and book in PDF format. There is no problem with keeping the book, like that can be read in mobile phone, tablet, laptop or PC easily. Thousands of books can be stored in a memory card. Who love to read in E-book and PDF format, for that insect of a book I’ve given slot of free books. Visit from online book world. Download favourite book, required book. And enrich the knowledge.

Do you know how to read a Bengali book with free of cost?


#1. Book shop:

It launched in the year of 2009 but so much book were not uploaded because of technical error. Book shop restarted newly in the year of 2011. If you stand in yard of book shop then it will show you several book’s doors like a novel, poem, story, criticism, drama and non- fiction. There are many books if you enter by opening the door. You can read those books by downloading free. And in the year of 2013, book shop was organized of e-book fair for the first time.

#2. My book:

Though this site has free books, but all the books are not available for free. There are chances of being a premium member by 24.99 dollar fee for per year. Premium members have so many opportunities of downloading books.

#3. Translation of Soviet books:

You will get on this site the translation of Russian writer’s books like Tolstoy, Dostoyevsky, Nicolai Astrovosky, Archidi Gyder or Maxim Gorki. You can download Rush legend or rare books of teenage literature in electronic format.

#4. All Bengali Books: 

This site has thousand books. You can download story, novel, magazine, mysterious magazine and favourite books of famous publications.

#5.  Bengali Internet:

The writer’s short profile has been added juxtaposed with book of Bengali internet. As a result, not only the book, you can get require information about a writer from the internet.

#6.  The Bengali Book:

This site has 1500+ books. According to writer, you can download from decorated books. In spite of this you can get several magazines from it.

In spite of this, there are many sites where you can download require Bengali books by downloading free. But behind a book, there has writer’s talent and hard work like that publishers have investment of money. So you should read books.

Thank you.