What is eBook? Why will you use E-book? Story of eBook in Detailed


Do you know, What is eBook? Why will you use eBook? How will you use eBook? Which is the Best eBook reader? Mega Tune about E-book in detailed.

E-book means Electronic book which is a book and which is published digitally, in which scribe, pictures, graphs are available just like the general book and you can read it in the computer and other electronic gadgets. Though sometimes states that e-book is the digital version of the printed book, but there are some e-books which are not printed. Commercially prepared and selling e-books are generally made to read in an e-reader. Though, it can operate in in any machines (obviously visual machines) e.g. Tablet, Smart Phone etc.

The percentage of studying through e-book is consciously growing up in America. In 2014, already 28% people have e-book as compared to 2013 which was 23%. The cause is that 50% American sold only Tablet or e-reader in 2014 as compared to 2013 which was 30%.

Story of eBook in Detailed

Once upon a time, by scratching on rocks the people expressed their feelings. Then, the paper was originated by so many efforts and worships. In the same way, the printing machine was invented which was determined by a new era of the human civilization. By arranging the printed letters on paper, the people made the book. Scholar people found their own identity in books.

After inventing computer so many people think about the survival of book against the computer. So many people think that after inventing the computer, there is a clash in between book and the computer. In this competition, computer is a one step ahead and the other things are placed in their own place. Computer omits the printed machine from so many places. After the appearance of the internet, the power of Computer has increased. But, it does not fully omit the paper or book. But, the selling percentage of the book still remain same in spite of being the invention of the computer.


Though the competition in between the computer and the book still remain equal but to fight against the book, e-book has come. No doubt, it is a computing device. But, it is same as the paper book. The shape and the blackish letters are just like book. But, the blackish letters are displaying in front of the computer screen. But, the market of e-book is not growing up. In this situation, in the world of e-commerce, the American technologist and the founder and chairman of Amazon, Jeff Bezos discovered an e-book named Kindle.

In 19th November, 2007, Amazon launched a new e-book named Kindle. Earlier, Sony launched e-book. But, that e-book dis not effect on the mind of the reader.

In this case, you can say the luck favoured for Amazon. In last one and half year, Kindle is able to attract the attention of the so many readers. In the first stage, all kindles sold which Amazon launched in the market. The success of this book in this short span of time is arising so many old questions. The logical question comes in our mind that has the journey of the paper book ended? But, if we look in Canada, New York, then the success of the e-book is very impressive. But, we will look that the Kindle cannot effect on the mind of the readers. But, in the whole world, the business of the book is growing up day by day. Actually, the book is far ahead than e-book in this competition market.

Amazon is the founder of the electronic book Kindle. They want to make the kindle as a book. The mouthpiece of the Kindle Andrew Hardener said that “when you read the book then you forget that the book is made by paper, gum, fiber, and cut-board. You just hide yourself in the book. By reading this book, you are busy to find the message of the writer. We are also trying to do the same in the case of Kindle. We are trying to enhance the character of the book in Kindle as you do not think that you take a computer or any electronic machine. As it is an electronic device, so you can get so many opportunities than the paper book. For example, you can change the font size as your wish and a built-in dictionary is being there by which you can get the meaning of any word. You can also get the opportunities of the internet and a text-only web browser by which you can browse the World Wide Web. As it is a text only browser, so you can not see the image. From the web, you can read only the text.

You can contain more than 200 digital books in the memory of E-book Kindle. You can also download the book in kindle format from the proprietary of the Amazon. Moreover, the mp3 format also supports in it. You can also play the mp3 music in the background while you read the book.

E-book kindle also supports in Linux Operating System. Generally, one kindle contains 64- megabyte RAM, 256-megabyte internal storage, SD extension pot.

Free Kindle Reader

Kindle does not sell outside America. Because to download the book amazon has an agreement with the Whispernet network service provider. The network service of Whispernet is not available outside America. So, the readers of the other countries except America do not use kindle. But, in future, this benefit can use the readers of the other countries.

But, in this moment, the kindle has so many big problems which may restrict in the expansion of the kindle in all over the world. The first cause is that the share agreement with American company Sprint. Due to this reason, kindle can only use in America. Secondly, it is mainly emphasized on the text. So, you cannot watch any colourful image. Thirdly, there are some little amount of books can be read by kindle.

Though, Amazon is declaring that there are almost 1 lakh 30 thousands e-books in their library. But, so many readers complain that the books which they want do not available in the Amazon. But, Amazon is collecting some e-books in day by day. So, the future of Kindle is bright.

But, it is very difficult to say that who will be the ultimate winner in between the book and the machine. Though, the Sony Company has an interest in this business, so in future the expansion of the e-book will grow, not as a competitor but as a representative of the book.

Why do you read eBooks?

Probably, you stay so many times in outside your house or you feel boring then the book can give you a great company. But, you do not carry printed books all the time. But, after considering all about these, you can carry thousands of books in your pocket.

E-book Formats:

Now a days PDF, EPUB, MOBI format are so popular.

Where will you get eBooks for free?

There are so many popular websites for e-book. Google is also there. You can get any book after writing the book name on the search button of the e-book. If you write the keyword “bnebookspdf” or “enebookspdf” on Google, then you will get so many Bengali or English eBooks for free.

Generally, you can read the e-book by android. Moon reader pro, google pdf reader are one of the popular e-book readers among most other popular e-books in android. But, he best e-book readers are eReader Prestigio epub pdf, by this you can also read pdf, epub, mobi format.

The best device for reading eBook is Kindle of Amazon (Get it for Free).

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