Thank you and Thanks to Mental Club for giving me a chance to make a century


Hello friends, I’m Biswajit Das – I’m a new blogger of Mental Club from INDIA but remember I’m not a professional, I have started blogging on November 21st, 2014 by holding the hands of The Mental Club (Social Website of Technology). Today, 19th December 2014 – I have submitted 100 posts from the date of joining on this social blogging website of technology.

The Mental Club


Once upon a time, it was 19th June 2014, I had been accessing Facebook – this day was my birthday, some friends and some students were asking me for the solutions about their problems on their computer. At this moment I thought, “How can I help them?” Then I have got an idea, if I create a website then they can easily tell me about their problems. And I also thought about Facebook – only Facebooking, I mean Facebook accessing is the wastage of time over the world of internet. Finally, I called my five friends for discussing this. They were – Agniva Sihi, Amit Das, Biswajit Rabidas, Bijay Das, Rajat Jain and myself.  After discussing, we finalized the name of this website. Some friends have gone. Rajat Kumar Bachhawaat and Biswajit Rabidas have gone because they have not enough time for our blog. So, we are now only 4 members of our club and we are hardworking for Mental Club. You can also join us but the new user registration process in currently disable for spamming. I have not enough power for fighting with spammer or hackers. So, if you want to register on our site then you have to send a request by leaving a comment.

Sorry, sorry, sorry, I have forgotten to say you thank you. You are thinking, why sorry? And why thank you? Thank you for being with us and sorry for being late to say thanks.

"If no one responds to your call, then go your own way alone". Open thy mind thy mind walk alone walk alone We not afraid, walk alone Open thy mind, walk alone. ---------------------------------------- A clear rejection is always better than a fake promise.