How Do Electric Bikes Work?


An electric bicycle works somewhat great then a standard push bicycle. Here we clarify how they fit precisely and answer some applicable inquiries.

How Do Electric Bikes Work

Down to the rudiments

At its center, an electric bicycle is a traditional push bicycle. They depend on additional segments that cooperate to permit it to work; an electric engine, the battery, the sensor, and the electric showcase. The entirety of our electric bicycles utilizes pedal help. This is the place the motor is possibly enacted when the pedals are moving. This permits the rider to, in any case, get an exercise, yet with an additional lift to make their ride simpler. In the following section, we will clarify how the principal segments of an electric bike work.

The three principal parts

As expressed previously, an electric bike depends on segments that cooperate and permit it to work. An electric bicycle has three principal features:

The engine

There are various positions for an electric bike engine. Each has its advantages; front center, back center point, and mid-drive engine. You can discover more about every one of these engines on our particular engines page.

The primary point of the engine is to control force. The further developed the electric motor, the more power it offers. The more energy you have, the more detail you can escape the bicycle. Basic, correct?

The battery

The battery on an electric bike can be situated in different places on the bicycle, regularly reliant on outline type and size. Every battery makes, model and kind imply that they should charge for various occasions. The standard charging time is five to six hours. Charging your battery is simple: only like a cell phone, you plug it into the divider!

The sensor

The sensor on an electric bicycle is a profoundly significant segment. There are two kinds of sensors utilized on various e-bicycles; a speed sensor or a force sensor.

The speed sensor promptly draws in the engine once you start accelerating, which gives you the ride help.

The force sensor is somewhat more astute. It reacts with only a modest quantity of help to coordinate your speed when you’re moving. It’s significantly more responsive and assists with speed and moves.

The segments cooperating

The way into any great electric bicycle is guaranteeing that the entirety of the segments cooperates. The battery, engine, and show blend will give the whole of the help required in a smooth ride. The battery provides the engine’s capacity, which controls the drivetrain to give you everything of the help you need to handle slopes and long rides. The presentation permits you to control how much help is given and what force is sent from the engine to the drivetrain.


Anyway, since we know the primary parts, how would you utilize an electric bicycle? All our Raleigh electric bicycles have the pedal help, which means you must pedal for the electric service to work. To use your electric bike, you’ll need to cycle like ordinary, so get accelerating. When you’re accelerating, utilize the presentation on your electric bicycle regularly on the handlebars to turn on the force help. At that point, you’ll have the help level decision that can be adjusted with the in addition to and less fastens on your showcase or regulator. Most Raleigh electric bicycles have four help levels; Eco, Tour, Sport, and Turbo.


Charging an electric bicycle is very basic – only like a cell phone or PC, you’ll need to plug it into any divider outlet. Batteries can take from 2 to 8 hours to charge; the time it takes is reliant eager for the storm’s advancement and model. Raleigh bicycles use either Emotion, TransX, Shimano, and Bosch engine frameworks. Every one of these will have distinctive battery types and sizes. You can discover more about these separately on our electric bicycle batteries page. The more significant part of our electric bicycles will last up to 1000 charge cycles.