What could be the reason of your death in using a phone with putting it in charge?


Friends, today we are going to face with many important questions. If you used phone by putting in charge, then could it harm you? Because radiation is above thousand at the time of phone charging. Before I have posted another tune that if smartphone radiation could harm you or not, you can check it. Today’s question is not only if it will harm or not. If you charge your phone for a long time, then will your phone blast boom? Or if you sleep all night and put the phone on charge then will you get your phone as a roast in the morning? Or what should we do with the phone-by keeping in hand straight or on the contrary? If you catch phone in straightway then will radiation enter into your head?

Do you know the reason of your death in using a phone with putting it in charge?


No friends, I’m doing funny, totally with you by questioning it. Many people have headache with all this question. And the coming question is very normal. Because till today, you may have also forwarded like that message in Facebook or Whatsapp.  And if you don’t forward, then you have seen definitely this type of matter in online. And when we see all this message then we can’t control ourselves. We can get busy to share with our family and friends. “Low battery? You will not use the phone. Keeping the phone in charge? You will not use the phone.” So we share a lot of these things with people and we believe ourselves. So, I have presented here to explain these things. Let’s discuss the details.

Is a Smartphone really able to harm you?


To speak the truth, it is totally false and totally delirium. Never it is possible being like this. Put your phone in charge whole night, put the phone into charge whole day, use phone by keeping it in charge, use phone with full battery, do whatever you want. In this you will not face any type of damage ever. You will be safe totally.

Friends you may have seen like this many photos or videos where someone’s ears are bleeding, someone’s face has burned totally, someone’s hands have burned in phone blast etc. Some facts were happening really among that, I agreed. But this happens only when you don’t use your phone correctly. Follow using correctly, I try to get understand you well.


See phone’s battery is a more terrible thing, you know this and I also and manufactured companies also know this like Samsung, Apple, and HTC. But your phone is not a terrible device ever. Each material in phone have been given like correct levels for which you will never have any problems. Now-a-days phone is such a device, on which we have the best control. Before a phone comes on the market, that phone has to pass a number of tests then it may release. So in this situation, how much thing hears of phone like if you keep the cell phone in your chest pocket, then the heart may damage, or if you keep near of the head then the brain’s problem may happen etc. These are totally false. There is no basis of these words. Until today there can’t be seen such a research where this subject can prove. These words are only fictional. I don’t know who and from where hears all this and spread this rumor.

Friends tell me there are many big manufactured company like Samsung, Apple, HTC, Sony, etc., have they written ever in mobile packet that, it is risky to use a mobile phone on low battery or don’t use the phone at the time of charging. If it would like that then before starting Hindi movie, not showing video of cancer I would be there. And I would say, “Brother, I used phone putting it in charge and my ears have been blasted. Please don’t do anybody”.

Friends if you use phone putting it in charge, then there may happen only two problems. The first problem will be- phone’s charge will be slow because at that time you have used that phone and second problem- phone will be over hit. Because when you charge the phone that time, the phone has already gets hit and if you use the phone at the time of charging then the phone will be hit more. For being so hit phone’s performance can be decreased lightly. And it may happen that if you use phone by putting it in charge 8-10 hours daily then battery’s performance can be reduced. But in spite of this never you can’t have any kind of problems.

In spite of this put your phone in charge whole night friend, you will not have any problem. Have you read ever from any service manual that “your phone can’t be plugged in to charge overnight.” I want- you will not believe this rumour at all. From when I use myself mobile phone, from then in such a day don’t happen that I can’t plug the phone in charge overnight. Not only I, general people will also do same. You go out of the house in the morning and come back at night, then your phone’s battery will get slow. And you have to go work in the morning. So will you wait for 2 hours by putting phone in charge? Or will you go to office by rising before 2hours in the morning? Your phone has been made for that, when you want in what way then you can use it.

Then why accident happens many times?

Friends till today how much accident has happened with mobile phone that has happened for only use of third party of low quality. It doesn’t mean that you can’t use in phone battery of any company. But if you use a battery of unknown company then accident will happen. But know this now-a-days it is possible to get a chance to go Moon than getting harm from the phone. Among million mobile users till today accident may happen 100/200.

And that has happened at that time only if they may do any type of territory with the phone. They may set any damn charger in their phone or entered wrong wire in their phone or they had been trying to do something by opening the phone. And then there may happened problem. Yes, many times in any way your phone’s battery may swell. There is also absolutely no reason to fear it. You can fix it very easily from the phone’s service center.

The main thing is that use charger or battery from coming a good source then there will be no problem ever. And there are scattered all nonsense things, shoot all. And use your phone safely and normally.

Last Word:

So friends this was the subject of today. I hope you knew many things from today’s discussion and all wrong concept of your mind has been removed. Please share this tune with all and help to change the concept of everybody. Of course inform your opinion to me. Take care and stay away from wrong concept.

Thank you.