Some YouTubers of the world and their daily income


I hope all of you are well. Today I presented with some funny information. The Subject is YouTube. We are stay in only blogging, SEO, affiliate etc. And anybody doesn’t speak about video blogging. So that I will discuss about video blogging of three episodes for which we get a clear conception about that. Video blogging will be held more in YouTube generally. In which we will get more benefit, we will discuss about that. Before that we will see some You Tuber of the world and their daily income. Because you will not primary concept if you don’t know this. So let’s we look have a list of that crazy YouTube.

Let’s know about some YouTubers of the world and their daily income.


  1. PewDiePie:

PewDiePie mainly can blog video on the game and sometimes can make funny video. He has located in a high position. He has earned of each videos $10,634-$10,634-$53,170 for last 15 videos.  


2. Caseyneistat: 

My favourite You Tuber. Caseyneistat has become a YouTuber of the year. Generally Caseyneistat has mentioned his daily work on his blog. Caseyneistat is a crazy YouTuber. He has earned $49,982-$249,911 for his last 16 videos.


3. Mo Vlogs: 

Mo Vlogs is a new YouTuber. But he has mentioned all lifestyles of Dubai in his video blog. Mo Vlogs has earned $4,982-$9,911 for his last 17 videos.


4. BFvsGF:

BFvGF has been conducted by both Vilge husband and wife. Husband is Jessi and wife is Gina. BFvGF has earned $7,205-$36,026 for their last 10 videos.


5. SalmoN TheBrownFish:

They have filled YouTube by uploading funny videos. We don’t know about their income, but I hope not less.


There are many famous YouTuber which name I didn’t mention, but see their list. Click here.

My aim is that to increase your interest, if you can then see upper’s channel take some idea and wait for the next 2 episodes.