Getting Non-hosted Adsense and some forms of Adsense


Those who have been blogging and who are thinking to do, from them what is Google Adsense, they have no need to understand this. In one word, you can say this gold deer. If good website has good visitor then the Adsense can give you a new dimension for your income. In Bangladesh, there has that type of Adsense publisher, who can earn 5000 dollars per month.

Let’s know about Non-hosted Adsense and some forms of

Here question can come that, it is difficult to get Adsense. How I will get?

Which work is easy brother? All works are difficult. But you have thought it as extra difficult. So gradually it has stood difficult to you. If a website has good qualities, then you will get Adsense.

Today we will try to know about 2 subjects.

#1. What type of Adsense?

#2. What are the conditions you have to fill to get non-hosted Adsense?

#1. What type of Adsense?

Adsense are 3 types.

Hosted Adsense
Non-hosted Adsense
Premium Adsense

1. Hosted Adsense:

You can get it severally. But it is the easiest way to get hosted Adsense from YouTube and blogger. You can able to run only in YouTube or BlogSpot with host Adsense. You will not work with your own buying domain. But if you want to upgrade from hosted Adsense to non-hosted Adsense, you can do that. In that case it will work with your own domain. If you want to approve your hosted Adsense account from YouTube, in that case it will not work on the blog. You have to upgrade it differently for BlogSpot. But now-a-days it is difficult to get Adsense from BlogSpot. It is easy to get non-hosted Adsense than that.

2. Non-hosted Adsense:

Mainly it is called Adsense. Because you will use or give YouTube, BlogSpot, your own buying domain, Hub pages and all that. For getting it Google has allocated some conditions. I will tell you that in below.

3. Premium Adsense:

Gold deer! Yes, brother it is actually gold deer. For fake click hosted/ non hosted account can be banned. I think when it will ban, your account had 5000 dollars that time. How will you feel if that account bans in that situation? Hmm There is no fear to ban in any situation in premium Adsense. How much fake click is given, no problem for it. If you take 30 lakhs visitors per month on your website then Google will transfer your account in premium Adsense.

#2. What are the conditions you have to fill to get non-hosted Adsense?

Now let’s see what qualification, we will need to get non-hosted Adsense:

–      You have to stay a complete website before this. It means it is not done if it is incomplete. It will not work if the website is in a subdomain.

–      It should need time minimum 6 months for site’s age.

–      There is no rules for staying more visitor to get non-hosted Adsense. But SEO has to stay in good situation. Like it will need good keyword in met tag, submitting website in web master.

–      Website will need allocation pages. Like about us, contract us, private policy.

–      You can’t keep your copying thing in site. You have to keep unique thing.

You can be owner of non-hosted Adsense if you apply by following these rules. Google will accept your application within 7 days. Or you can use your site by approving non-hosted Adsense with other sites.