Share Internet in a Desktop from Wi-Fi connected Laptop


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Many people keep Wi-Fi in laptop for necessary, or use a modem. But those who are users of a modem, they use by sharing high speed internet with a wire very easily in laptop and desktop through this process.

How to Share Your Computers, WiFi with other Ethernet Enabled Devices? 

Internet Connection

For this you will need two computers, and a high speed internet cable or two ways LAN cable. It will get in any computer shop between 70-80 rupees.


Here we have to use Network Connection Bridge.

Now there is Internet or Wi-Fi In our A laptop, but there is no Internet or Wi-Fi in B laptop.

Now just follow that step.

Step: 1

Connect Wi-Fi in A laptop.

Step: 2

Make Connection Bridge.


In A laptop. 

Go to Adapter Settings.

(Control Panel -> Network and Sharing Center -> Change adapter settings)

Selecting together Local Area Connection and Wireless Network Connection, and clicking right just press “add to Bridge”.


Step: 3

Now you will get Internet access if you connect with A and B computer. This speed will not slow. It will stay like main bandwidth.

Now I think you have gotten very easily Internet of very high speed and high bandwidth in laptop or desktop from Wi-Fi enable or connecting laptop without non-Wi-Fi enables or Wi-Fi.

So many people may get the solution of their problem, and got new things.

If you have any problems, then see the video tutorial.

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