After 2 years “Orkut” has returned with a new look and a new name


The father of computer is Abacus. The father of the supercomputer is IBM. Like that the father of social media is Orkut. But, for the appearance of Facebook, Orkut had died by self-proclaimed in 2014 because of falling behind in the competition.

Do you know, “Orkut” returned with the new name by changing the old name?


Orkut returned with a new life:


“You may not know me. But, before 12 years I had written a history in internet media. Which name was social media” the writer of these sentences was Orkut Buyuccocoten. Yes, this was that Orkut Buyuccocoten who was the father of the first social media ‘’ of the world.

The popularity of Orkut in 2004 had made a history. Tech Savoy had entertained the world in the addiction of social media. Through this hand, Facebook has shown power around the world.


From the end of 2009, the popularity of Facebook reached such a place by increasing that Orkut had fallen. Lastly, in October of 2014 a year, Google had declared self-died of Orkut.

But, many people think about losing Orkut’s first social media profile. So Orkut means floating on nostalgia.


That Orkut returned lastly in social media with new name and new look. That has been declared in The new name of Orkut in social media is “Hello”. Only community based social network was the key to Orkut’s success. That community based thought is the USP of Hello. But, Orkut has made amazing and easy this community communication.


Social networking site of Hello was gotten in internet by typing URL but can’t log in that. Hello is totally an app based smartphone, social network. As a result, if you download this app in mobile then you will be able to log in.


There are community more than 100 in Hello. Among this, you have to select 5 communities, according your wish. Social networking, friendship will increase on the base of this community. Orkut Buyuccocoten claims, Hello will show a new way to this social networking world. Besides, he says ironically, Hello is made with love, not only with like.


Thank you…