Verify Whatsapp with your USA number very easily


Today I will tell you how Whatsapp emo can be used with USA numbers.

Do you know how to Verify Whatsapp with your USA Number very easily?


Activities 1:

Click sign up button like picture in below.


Now click continue button after filling all like the picture in below.


After clicking continue they will say to verify your email. After clicking verification link a new page will be opened. Here filling all, you click I agree, sign me up button like picture in below.


Now click order a rate plan now like the picture in below.


Click gate a number like the picture in below.


Now filling all, click lookup button like in the picture below.


Now click in order now like the picture in below.


Now click on the checkout button.


Now this page will want to know will you use 911 service or not? You will click in no option and write end part of your name in following box which you had given at first and click On submit button like picture in below.


Submit again.


Now see your order has been succeeded. Now click to go to my call centric.


You got to wanted USA number.


Activity 2:

Now install a Zoipere in your android mobile.

Now opening Zoipere and clicking config, click on accounts.

Whatsapp2 (1)

Click choose a VOIp provider automatic and then select the call centric.


Now which number has given in sip log in of your email and click save button with a password.


If you can do all correctly, then ready will be seen like the picture in below.

Whatsapp5 (1)

Activity 3:

Now give your USA number by installing Whatsapp in your mobile and wait by clicking verification. In this case SMS can’t be verify that’s why wait for a moment.


5. If minute is finished, then click in call me button.


Instantly verification code will be given by calling in your mobile.

Whatsapp8 (1)

You can verify emo in the same way. If there is some mistake, forgive me.