How to Root Samsung Galaxy J7 SM-J7OOF Phone?


Today we will learn how to root Samsung Galaxy J7 SM-J7OOF. Through this tune you will learn how to root Samsung Galaxy J7 SM-J7OOF. If you follow all steps of this tune, then you will root Samsung Galaxy J7 SM-J7OOF phone very easily.

Root Your Samsung Galaxy J7 SM-J7OOF Phone.


N.B: For any wrong method, your phone’s functionality can be destroyed. But if you follow the following steps then your phone will be rooted 100%.

Advantages of rooting:

  1. You can change IMEI Number.
  2. You can install a new ROM or Custom ROM.
  3. You can upgrade Android Version of mobile.
  4. You can customize your phone according to your wish.
  5. You can increase Internal Storage of your phone.
  6. You can increase the RAM of your phone.

Disadvantages of rooting:

  1. For any mistake, your phone can be destroyed.
  2. Your phone can be bricked.
  3. There will be no warranty if you root.

What things need to root Samsung Galaxy J7 SM-J7OOF phone:

  1. One PC or laptop
  2. First download file. Unzipping it, install in your computer.
  3. Then downloading Samsung USB Drives, install it in your PC.
  4. Now download twrp- but don’t unzip it.
  5. Then downloading Super Su and not unzipping copy it in SD Card which is in your phone.
  6. Now USB Debugging mode on your phone.

The process of USB Debugging On:

At first go to the settings option of your phone. Then go to about phone or about device. Then clicking in software info, find out build number. And then click from 5 to 10 in build number. Here’s one message will come “You’re now a developer”.

enable developer mode

Then forwarding back from here, click on Developer Options. On USB Debugging option from here.

usb bugging

On by clicking OEM Unlocking from USB Debugging.

oem unlocking

The process of rooting Samsung Galaxy J7 SM-J7OOF phone:

STEP 1: Here you have to install TWRP Recovery.

#1. First switch off your phone.

#2. Now press and hold together Volume down Key + Home Key + Power Key on your phone.

recovery mode

#3. After pressing together Volume down Key + Home Key + Power Key, a page named Warning will be opened.

warning message

#4. Then press in Volume up Key. After pressing in Volume up Key, Downloading Mode will be switched on.

downloading mode

#5. Now connect your mobile to PC or laptop with your phone’s original USB Cable.

#6. Now open with Run as Administrator installed Odin3 v3.10.6 in your PC or laptop.

#7. Then click on AP named option of Odin3 v3.10.6 and select twrp- file.

odin flash1

#8. Your mobile has been connected rightly or not with your PC or laptop, that will be shown from this ID: COM option. If it gets connected, then first home of ID: COM will show colour.


#9. After selecting twrp- file in AP option, click on the Start button.


#10. After clicking in the Start button process will be started and will take a few times. If this work is completed, then like the bottom’s picture one writing named Pass will come.


#11. Now again mobile will restart automatically and you can disconnect your mobile from your PC or laptop.

The work of the first step is finished. TWRP custom recovery has been installed in your Samsung Galaxy J7 SM-J700F phone.

STEP 2: Now you will flash SuperSu.

#1. Again switch off your mobile.

#2. Now press and hold together Power + Volume Up + Home button until TWRP Recovery mode will on like the bottom’s picture.


#3. After switching on TWRP Recovery mode, click in Install button like following picture.


#4. Clicking in the Install button and finding out file, click on that file.

#5. After clicking on file, a page will come like below.


#6. Then swipe above with a Swipe to Confirm Flash.

#7. Successful Message will come within a few seconds.

#8. Now click in Reboot option.

#9. Your work is finished here. Now Samsung Galaxy J7 SM-J700F phone is successfully rooted.

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