Stop Losing Potential Customers! Start Using In-app Chat Into Your E-commerce Site


It’s quite awful that about 21% of live chat interactions on e-commerce sites go unnoticed. 

With so many things considered for the lack of conversion rate of your ecommerce or marketplace sites, insufficient customer communication is in the top of the list. Live chats have failed to perform its function when it comes to real-time and instant communication with customers. 

Live chats were said to be a tool to bolster customer experience, but it has been a burden to ecommerce and marketplace websites/mobile apps. Pardon for the horrible words on live chats, but the fact said in Impactbnd is quite true where the customers expect a response in 30 seconds. This can’t be achievable with live chats. 

Why In-app Messaging Matters in E-Commerce?

On the other hand, messaging platforms are making bigger impacts in creating communication possibilities in real-time and more engaging. Chat apps are helping businesses to perform communication with customers more instant and comfortable for customers to get a response at anytime. E-commerce and Marketplace sectors are also on the row that experienced a huge impact on communication with the new era of messenger apps.


So, What’s there in a Messenger App for e-Commerce Stores?

Probably, the biggest sectors like e-commerce of on-demand, Marketplace and majorly leading on-demand food deliveries & on-demand taxi apps requires the essence of real-time in-app chat applications. Real-time Push Notifications has been the real game-changer for most of the business to propel their retention of e-commerce sites

The purpose of in-app chat in e-commerce and on-demand stores is quite exponential where the highlights of in-app messaging have the potential to transform the value of e-commerce stores. 

Instant & Direct Communication:

The biggest asset of the in-app chat application is that they provide a platform for real-time and direct messaging between the e-commerce store and customers. This increases the value of customer satisfaction and embraces customer support value. Being successful in customer support is obviously the prime backbone for an e-commerce website, thus in-app chat integration paves the way. 

Enhances Engagement with Group Chat:

Major on-demand taxi and bus-service apps urge into in-app group feature to bolster retention and create engagement through enabling users to chat within themselves. The group chat feature in the on-demand taxi apps is also based on demographic user chat. 

Chances of Personalized Communication:

In the new era of instant communication, personalization is the king. This personalization is proven by a survey conducted by Salesforce where 75% of the respondents would love to shop with an e-commerce site that provides a personalized shopping experience with instant responses.

in app chat

Real-time Notifications:

Real-time Push Notifications has been the major transformation for e-commerce sites to deliver effective information through push notifications. An effectual in-app integration increases the retention of the e-commerce apps by two or three times, thus amplifies the conversion rate of the website from visitors to buyers. 

Draw Attention Through Real-time Video Calls:


An instant video call with customer certainly increases the loyalty of your brand among the users. When customers reach out for any sort of queries regarding the purchase of product from your e-commerce site, an in-app video call integration straight away with customers build customer satisfaction.  

Time To Take Action

Most of the eCommerce brands and businesses must sit tight and take up the challenges rising in communication between customers and brands. Customers certainly expect personalization and instant response from e-commerce sites, in-app chat integrations bring businesses and customers in closer to turn things around in a more convenient way. With tons of in-app messaging apps out there, e-commerce and on-demand brands should concentrate on choosing the ideal in-app chat integration to enhance the customer experience. At the end of the day, providing an effective customer response through the real-time tool is the major conversion rate from visitors to buyers of an e-commerce site, thus reflects the ROI of the business.      

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