How to Improve Customer Experience with AI Chatbots


What customers take home from a business or brand is the experience which it provides. You can use many tools to improve the customer’s experience, but a chatbot is something you must-have for your customer’s experience strategy. These chatbots are revolutionizing the interaction of the customers. Most customers want their queries to get answered as soon as possible, and every business receives 50 such questions every minute. Humans can’t give instant replies to every query, but it is possible with a chatbot.

AI Chatbots
AI Chatbots

A chatbot is changing the way brands and businesses interact with customers. When these chatbots are of higher quality, then those changes are positive. According to an Oracle survey, it is discovered that 80% of brands use chatbots by the end of 2020. Moreover, studies have found that more than 40% of consumers want to see companies using a chatbot. 

What is Chatbot?

A chatbot uses software to communicate with the user or customers through the conversational interface by voice-based or text. These chatbots are associated with AI. Therefore chatbot is an AI (artificial intelligence) software that can stimulate a chat or conversation with a user on its own. With the latest technology methods, the traditional ways of talking or engaging with the customers are changing and advancing day by day. Industries such as banking, healthcare, news, entertainment, fashion, and many more have adopted chatbot. According to researchers, 80% of users interact with the business without humans. Today most people have headed towards chatbots for communication. A chatbot is one of the most critical vital differentiators for all the brands, providing a good customer experience. 

Chatbots scan the keyword when a customer enquires about anything, and it delivers a pre-packaged answer. The most sophisticated Chatbots powered by high AI and Machine learning use natural language to create solutions, responses, and conversation. AI is quite flexible when humans speak to them, and they give the exact information that is programmed in them. They listen very actively and help the customers get what they are looking for. 

AI-powered chatbot integrated with CRM and CMS platforms underpins an online business presence and allows users to tap into the customer information to offer them a personalized experience. 

How can AI Chatbots enhance the experience of the customers?

There are several benefits associated with chatbot use as it includes reduced cost since you don’t have to hire staff for the chat support, and the real winner will be your user. Here are some of the ways mentioned by which AI Chatbots can enhance the customer experience –

Anytime live chat

Users can easily engage with the chatbot, and in the same way, they will make online conversations with chatbot support staff. Several Chatbots use natural language to quickly analyze the customer’s query and provide them with a response that can quickly meet their needs. Moreover, this chatbot can easily integrate into the company’s website or Smartphone applications, which helps the customers save their time and effort to search for a company’s online resource to answer the queries. Customers can also talk to the brand at any point in time without disturbing their work. With the help of the chatbot, customers now no longer have to –

  • Wait for the replies
  • Converse through mails
  • You don’t have to raise the issue on social media now.
  • You don’t have to go through an automated telephone system to get the necessary help.
  • Improves your product and enhance the experience

24 / 7 customer services

Sometimes customers’ needs arise outside the business hours. Hence, the company needs to seek a way to answer the customers’ essential questions when the service staff is not available. Chatbot offers the customers an opportunity to get the answers to their queries at any point in time. Therefore, they don’t have to wait for a response from an email message or a voicemail. A chatbot can offer the customers feelings of the conversation with a live operator. A chatbot can support 24 / 7, even at the time when the chatbot is not able to resolve the issue entirely, but they can –

  • Identify the type of problem.
  • They can find out the urgency of the issue.
  • They can send the issue ticket to the right department to resolve it at the earliest.
  • They can push the case to the top of the queue, which is majorly based on the level of urgency.
  • They also help the users to schedule a call or a chat to avoid uncertainty.

Response endless queries – no chances of SASS

Chatbots are designed in such a way to stimulate the intelligence of humans, and others have developed the idea of letting the laptops or computers do the things which are built to do – they can handle dull and repetitive tasks, for instance, calculations and database searches. The chatbot’s primary goal is not to simulate human conversation and satisfy the customers’ needs. A good chatbot will be able to maximize the chances of success towards achieving the goals.

Smooth customer journey

AI Chatbots
AI Chatbots

Chatbots can ease down the process of purchasing. Chatbots can significantly impact the evaluation and awareness stage. While awareness the potential customer gets to know you, it’s the customer’s first time navigating your website. They might have various doubts and queries that need to be answered, rather than driving them to check FAQs, interrupting their experience with a chatbot. A chatbot can work as a friendly search bar. It can also offer users necessary information about the brand, product, videos.

In evaluation, stage price is not the main deciding factor in this level. There the level of quality and personalization of the experience. For example, According to research, 40% of users are willing to pay for a more convenient and welcoming experience. With chatbot’s help, users avoid time wastage, frustration, and they find more relevant products.


One of the essential benefits that chatbot brings in is the ability to personalize the customer’s experience. Whatever information is provided to the users is given in the context of the conversation. This ability goes beyond just calling the name of the user.

A modern chatbot can also integrate with any tool that includes API and offers a no-code development platform. These Chatbots can collect and send information to the CRM and can also retrieve the data. It can help you keep track of customers returning, their preferences, and their past purchases. Moreover, it can recover their complaints as well.

AI chatbot is gaming more attractive, especially after the COVID pandemic, the business is put to digitize their services. Chatbots have much positive impact on the quality of experience which the customers are having.

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