The process or way of cleaning the Malware from PC


Is your PC running too slowly nowadays? To open something different pop –up are coming? Does the browser hang? It is the sign of being infected your PC with viruses, spyware or other malicious software. Sometimes these problems may arise due to hardware; but it is an intelligent task to swatch does any malicious software stay on your PC or not? Now, how to do it?

How to remove malware from Windows PC?virus

1st Step: Enter into the Safe Mode:

First, disconnect your PC to the Internet. Keep disconnecting to the Internet as long as your system is not fully free from virus. As a result, the malicious software cannot spread or will not be able to steal your data.

If you think that your PC have been infected by viruses, then restart Windows and open the Windows in Safe Mode (Press F10/F8 at the time of starting the Windows to switch to the Safe Mode). Since without the emergency services, nothing can active in this mode, so if a virus was introduced with Windows loading, then they cannot be loaded due to the safe mode.

Shut down the PC after loading in safe mode. Now, start your PC and repeatedly press the F8 key. From there, “Advanced Boot Options” menu will come in front of your eyes and from there, select “Safe Mode with Networking” and press Enter.

In Safe Mode if your PC runs noticeably faster, then you can assume there is a virus on your PC. However, in your PC, there are so many programs that are loaded with Windows.

2nd Step: Delete Temporary Files: 

 Before scanning the virus from your PC you delete the temporary files. For deleting this, the Disk clean-up tool is required, which is attached to the windows. You can get this in 3 ways:

disk cleanup

  • 1. Start->search [disk clean-up]->enter
  • 2. Start->All Programs->Accessories->System Tools->Disk Clean-up

Right click on the hard drive from the Windows Explorer and select the Properties and then you get Disk Clean up option.

3rd Step: Download Malware Scanner:

The anti-virus which is installed in your PC, if you scan it by using the scanner, then you cannot find malware. Because, the anti-virus failure to catch the virus so you are scanning specifically. Isn’t it?

Download BitDefender Free EditionKaspersky Virus Removal ToolMalwarebytes, Norman Malware Cleaner, or SuperAntiSpyware: these are called On-demand scanner. And generally, the anti-virus which we use it is called real Time Antivirus Program.  You can install on demand scanner in more than one, but if you install Real time Antivirus in more than one, then it will not work.

Mind it, by using any Antivirus you cannot get 100% security. So, check by using 2 or 3 kinds of scanner as your computer is free from malicious software.

4th Step: Adjust your web browser:

Malicious software may damage on your Windows system files and other settings, which happens in most of the browser’s home page or to change the settings of the Internet connection and with the internet connection your PC is again attacked again by this virus.

So before you launch your browser, check the homepage and connection settings. You follow the steps to examine the browser’s homepage: start -> control panel -> internet options.  If you see the name of the website, which is a stranger and you’ve never heard before, then you click the use blank button. Now, select the Connections tab and click on the LAN settings button. If your ISP does not use a proxy then delete settings will be automatically selected.

5th Step: Recover the files if your Windows is damaged:

If you do not get no means safe from malicious software or if Windows does not work correctly, then as a final weapon you will have to re – install Windows. But before that, you need to save the information either in USB or external drive. You do not forget to save e – mail client (Outlook or Windows Mail) settings and messages. Necessary drivers for your machine, especially for saving the network driver, use double- driver software. Before you start the backup process if windows stops working, or if Windows does not start, then for entering into your files use Live CD like Hirens Boot CD  After backing up everything on your PC, install the Windows. Formatting is an intelligent task during the reinstalling in the virus infected Windows machines.

How will you keep your PC free from Virus?

Always you will use a Real time Antivirus. In Bangladesh, so many people do not want to buy this kind of software due to the high price. Tips for them, the anti-virus companies allows the permission to use their trial versions for three months to one month. Download the trial versions, use it for one month, then the other one and after the other one. There are some good anti-virus such as Norton, Avast, AVG, and Komodo and if the original Windows is installed in your PC, then you may use Microsoft Security Essentials (Windows Defender – now, it is the default antivirus for Windows). This anti-virus is totally free.

windows defender

You do not forget to scan virus before restoring your backup data.  Updating the windows and anti-virus software is considered to be the key factor of keeping your PC free from virus.

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