9 Common mistakes of a PC User and its Remedies


Hi friends, how are you? I am fine. I am a newcomer in THEMENTALCLUB. So friends, today I am discussing about the  9 common mistakes of a PC user and its remedies. SO, the 9 common mistakes of a PC user and its remedies are mentioned below.

9 Common mistakes of a PC User and its Remedies 


If you arr the user of computer or if you use your computer frequently then something wrong which you have done is accecptable. So,  these kinds of wrong, for you, is thought to be either softwarebased wrong or hardwarebased wrong. So, as a result, this may be a trivial or may be an awful attack in your computer. So, for General computer users, this tune has presented that generally how to avoid Such kinds of small errors ?

1#   Accidental Sharing :

Any  document in paper or photographs is made seeing the same thing .  But If the computer is the same thing Consider the case of the screen , then your all efforts, according to plan, will be jeopardized Undoubtedly . because, many hidden informations are saved in many files of the computer. For example, when you capture a picture then it can be added time, exposer time etc. For example, if u save any document in M.S Word then it can be added author name, revision date, number etc. In most cases, this metadata is not very useful. You can find informations in Windows.  Just right -click on Windows-Select the Properties- then you will click the Details tab . Then you will get the Remove Properties and Personal information options. What Metadata will be removed that is a limit. If unfortunately the important and confidential files may not deleted , for this you have to save as “Words save as … Feature .” Using the document Will be saved as a text file.  


2#   The damage of USB Drive :

USB is a very useful device. Before running task on Windows, if you plug out the USB then it will create a problem. In this situation, for printer, it will creat a bad situation. For this, before working printer, you will have to restart both printer and your PC. Apparently, it does not create any problem but for large storage device, it will create a big massacre. If you plug out the storage device during loading the data in storage device, then you will loss the desired data.  So, to avoid this kind of risk, you will have to click on Safety Remove Harware under the Windows Notification areas for getting the removable devices lists in your computer. After that, select the desired device click ok and then Windows messages you when do you remove your device very safely? If you maintain this process, then you do not lose your data. 

USB Drive

3#  Unlock your PC :

Computer performs everything except some regular tasks. Except login password, the user of the computer remembers  some more passwords. But the important thing is that, most of the users avoid this kind of thing. As a result, most of the users always remain in the risk. So for this solving the security, click on Start button, then click start menu, in search box typing the user name and then click on User Accounts. For XCOPY, you can get uer accounts in control panel. So, by this process you have to change your password. So for logoff and lock your user account, you use start menu for security matter. For locking your PC, you have to press windowos key along with the button “L” .      


 Unlock PC

4#   Dummy Read the Warning Messages: 

Many valid messages display that your validity of the program is over or your PC has so many problems. By these dummy messages, so many hackers and data thieves incite to install the dangerous softwares or hackers know some important financial informations.  So, for this, the first task is that to protect your PC from virus and update itself.

If the scanner of the virus shows a massage that something like that: “Your PC is infected, check to see if it is from the software you actually installed on your computers’ – then  you think about that it is a cleverness. So,  please avoid this kind of cleverness.

Some webpage has a pop-up window where mentions that: ‘Your computer is ‘slow’ or needs some kind of a scan’- it is a scam massage and please avoid it.

Now-a-days, we watch another matter, such as :  Microsoft Employees are requested to fix the problems of your PC. Generally, Microsoft does not work such like that except without dealing any contract between you and the Microsoft. Not only Microsoft, but also no other companies will not do such kind of activities without any payment. SO please protect yourself from these kinds of deceived offer.


5#  Buying Wrong Hardware :

For buying new PC , you aware the vendors of the present and future demand. For this please getting help from any experience one or look for the reknowed brand who supply the components according to your demand. So, when you buy any PC( with full components) or any particular components ,it is adviced to take always  warrenty card and also ensures the servicing facilities.

If you buy any particular component then you are adviced to confer the vendor about the configuration of your PCs. 


6#   The uses of Password :

To secure the important data files you have to use the password. But, to use the same password for the different types of data is not only a bad habit but also a foolery. So you are requested to remember the various passwords. So please write your passwords in any hidden places rather than in any file. Even, the important password should not be stored in mobile or computer. Even, the technique of using the password is that of using number, symbol, and everything. If you have a smartphone, it automatically locked if it is not used. If you lost your phone, then you have to inform the mobile operators then Service immediately will be closed.


7#   Neglect the Security 

If your PC is attacked by the virus then your PC may perform some unusual behavior and even you PC may not be started. Other malacious or harmful sotware may be listed your PC in the spamer network and may send many junk mails daily. Although, we hear this type of complain but nobody emphasize in this type of problem : this concept is totally wrong.

Normally we face 3 types of Security Software related problems:

1.  The use of PC without installing any security software; 2. The using of Old version updated software, 3. After ending the validity of software, that software is installed without any updating.  

So, we easily neglect the above mentioned topic. We are requested to check your security software immediately and if it does not perform , then updated itself immediately. You also download the desired tool of the last updated security software from the internet.




8#   Not Remain in Updating :  

In many times, the installation of software is a very disgusting work especially when after saving the all tasks when it restarts. So to avoid this kind of disgusting work, the neglecting of updatating the software is a foolery task. The programs which runs on the computer is a very complex one and some mistakes does remain in the programs.  Then, hackers takes the chance for hacking on the based of that kind of mistakes.

Recently, after researching, the microsoft has declared that minimum 1 percent out of the 5 percent of hacking is done through Microsoft.

 For protect yourself, please go “Start menu Search box” then type epdate and press “enter” key for updating Windows. Then click the Change Setting in your left side for knowing the autometic update of your PC. So for this, tick on Microsoft Update box.

For Windows XP, open Windows Explorer for visiting windows update site. It is adviced to try regularly.  


9#   Not to Back Up : 

Recently , so many mistakes have discussed in this tune. But the most general mistake that we always avoid is that not to back up our data. So, we pay value mostly for lossing our data. So, the back up option is always available in all Windows Version.

We are adviced to go you in “Search box “, then type “Back up and Restore”  and run it.

Back Up and Restore  always available in all versions of Windows XP. So for get it, you have to do some procedures, that is : open “Start menu”, click “all programms” and then click “Accessories”.


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