Power Your E-Commerce Site with PHP E-commerce Platform

PHP E-commerce Platform
PHP E-commerce Platform

When it comes to E-commerce it doesn’t get any better than PHP E-commerce platforms. Since the conception of virtual stores, the focus has been on coming up with eye-catching websites that are easy on the pocket. PHP E-commerce platforms have made it easy for organizations to come up with sites without necessarily consulting a professional PHP developer. The process is as easy as using your mouse to drag and drop, eventually building an E-commerce site like a pro.

They are several PHP platforms online that you can experiment with without breaking the bank or spending a dime too much. The list below can give you an idea of what you can work with.


Joomla has grown to be one of the top five most-used open source PHP platforms. Since it is free one can understand the hype that surrounds it and the fact that it has 8,000+ extensions only sweetens the deal. It boasts of hosting almost three-quarters of a million virtual stores. It plays host to several organizations such as education and religious institutions. If you are looking for something dynamic then Joomla is one of your best bet thanks to the ever-changing PHP development environment.


Being one of the fastest-growing PHP platforms, X-cart has already solidified its presence in the E-commerce field. With over 35k virtual stores to its name and a variety of features to work with, there is no way an interested party cannot be tempted. Plus it is considered as one of the most secure platforms currently as it is PCI certified. You can opt for the free plan with very limited features or premium plan at a fee of $495. You can count on impressive support from the developers thought it would be advisable to at least know the basics in programming.



When it comes to popularity, WooCommerce takes the cake as it takes over 1/5 of the current market share. One of the many things that makes this platform a favorite for most PHP developers is the free price tag and the fact that it is very easy to use. The installation process is quite easy since you are walked through the entire process and end up with an online store to rival any other. It also easily one of the best as it integrates with WordPress CMS (content management system). You may have to add other extensions as you proceed but it is all worth it in the end.


Opencart is also another open-source platform that is easy to use. Best recommended for those who are new in the online retail field as it is not only free but can be customized to fit specific needs with the click of a button. Though it might add to the overall amount you may spend, Opencart comes with a variety of E-commerce extensions and themes that turns your page into a traffic magnet. Again, the support is something to write home about. You will have available support from the developers and the community.


Magento Open Source

Magento – this is also another favorite as far as PHP platforms are concerned. It has both free and paid plans which means you can start with this option even on a low budget. The features are also impressive of you are thinking of customizing the site to suit your customer’s needs. Plus, it has enough extensions to give WordPress a run for their money. It is relatively easy to use as PHP developers have laid the foundation, although you might have to sharpen your programming skills to work through this platform.


PrestaShop is the new kid on the block through its success so far speaks otherwise. This can be attributed to the concrete features which allow the user to customize their site with different themes and colors in addition to keeping an eye on the stats of your e-commerce venture. It is also a multilingual software that can allow you to reach a wider customer base. Currently, over 300k online retailers make use of this platform making it one of the fastest-growing open-source PHP options.

Drupal Commerce

Just like WordPress, Drupal has made a name for itself and has become a popular choice for most PHP developers looking to create a one of a kind, functional online retail website. Seeing that it is a common platform, you will never lack support as there are enough developers and enthusiasts to converse with. It considered very secure and is constantly on the lookout for hitches in the system. However, there is a need for you to understand the PHP development process and the program as a whole to fully utilize this platform.

e-Commerce Development
e-Commerce Development

Zen Cart

When it comes to consumer experience nothing beats Zen Cart as it was created for very user: professional developers as well as those with limited knowledge in the field. It is secure and easy to use platform with a variety of users that can offer you the needed support if need be.


There you go, a comprehensive list of some of the top PHP e-commerce platforms that you can experiment with if you are looking to establish an online presence in your business. A business can launch a website with any of the names on the list above without much hustle. It’s up to you to settle for the one that best suits your needs in terms of functionality and ease of use.

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