How Joomla Development Services Can Boost Your Business?


Web development is growing as fast as we can keep up. Most of you are familiar with WordPress, Magento, and other web development platforms. Joomla web development is one of the more recent additions to web development. But that hasn’t stopped it from storming its way to the mainstream. In a time when people use the internet for transactional queries, such as browsing Charter Spectrum Internet services or the latest Samsung Gear, it makes sense to give your business website as much functionality and usability as possible. This is exactly where Joomla becomes a strong option. Read on to find out how you can use Joomla to create not just a better website, but drive business success as well.

Joomla and Its Advantages To Businesses


We’ve already mentioned that Joomla is a web development platform. But that’s almost like saying a Lamborghini is a car. Sure it has 4 wheels and an engine and takes you from point A to point B. But does calling it a car do it justice? It’s the same with Joomla.

In essence, Joomla is a CMS framework used to develop websites. But it is very different from many other web development frameworks. Joomla web development is not just a PHP-based framework, but it is also an open-source framework. Meaning you don’t just get the customizability you expect from a PHP platform, but thousands of sophisticated and highly useful extensions right from other Joomla web developers in the larger community. The result? Websites see new levels of dynamic features, extra functions, and improved user experience.

The biggest advantage Joomla offers is customizability. It makes it far more feasible than other platforms to design websites with key features customized to a client’s specifications as well as the overall UI and UX elements. In simple terms, Joomla makes it much easier to create rich, vibrant, and functional websites that can maximize the time visitors spend on them. But there are several other important advantages as well, which include:

Easy and Intuitive Usability

One of the biggest contributors to Joomla’s early success is the ease of use and intuitiveness it offers. Firms of every size, from small businesses to large enterprises, can make extensive use of Joomla to enhance the performance of their web content. Joomla developers tend to create rich but intuitive interfaces that are interactive, contributing to better usability than many other platforms. In fact, even non-techies can theoretically access and manage a Joomla website’s functionality.

Joomla Development Services

This helps businesses save on hiring specialized resources, as well as increase website traffic (and conversions).

Open Source Code Is Cost-Effective

Another key reason behind Joomla’s popularity is the cost factor. This is a direct result of being an open-source platform. It is entirely possible to use Joomla custom PHP to create a basic website at absolutely no cost in terms of coding. Of course, most businesses would prefer a few sophisticated features, but these can also be easily acquired at a low cost. The Joomla community is a large one, meaning you can likely access any number of open-source code relating to additional features you want to add. In any case, a Joomla-based website will always cost less in terms of development and man-hours, helping your bottom line.

Open Source
Open Source

This allows companies to get websites developed or customized at a lower cost, with better ROI on development.

Shorter Development Timelines

Of course, the open-source aspect has another advantage as well, primarily for developers, but also for businesses. The biggest pain point most people have with website development is that it can easily take three weeks or more. And that’s still without usability testing, bug fixing, and other follow-ups. A Joomla website, thanks to easily available open-source code, can be developed much faster. On one hand, this makes it much easier for developers to deliver a working site in a shorter timeline. On the other hand, it means your business could have a brand-new, customized website up and running much faster than other development platforms could manage.

Joomla Development
Joomla Development

Faster development timelines mean the website goes online sooner, which can speed up the revenue streams your business needs.

Stable and Secure Websites

Finally, another huge reason developers recommend Joomla web development is that the end result is stable and secure, accessible from anywhere with a standard internet service like Charter Spectrum. Wholesale customizations often impact website stability. Bugs can arise, affecting website visitors, user experience, and ultimately conversion rations. In other words, an unstable website isn’t going to do you any favors. But a Joomla-developed website is a high-quality solution, with thousands of members of the community constantly tweaking and debugging the code you need for security and stability.

Fewer website bugs and downtime means that you can offer a consistent, secure, and uninterrupted user experience to website visitors, thereby increasing conversions.