Outlook Unable to Open Attachments: Proposed Resolution


Outlook is incapable of opening attachments in 2021, 2019, 2016, and 2013. Numerous users frequently encounter Outlook connection issues. Outlook not opening attachments is frequently caused by file corruption, which prevents users from accessing the attachments. This article will describe the most effective method for resolving Outlook connection issues.

Numerous organizations rely primarily on Outlook email for communication. The average employee, according to research, receives and transmits nearly 30 emails per day, in addition to receiving over 100 emails daily. An email may contain a great deal of vital information, but complications may arise if the recipient is unable to access it. Email is a medium through which messages and connections can be transmitted.

Occasionally, recipients are unable to access Outlook attachments. This issue is prevalent in Microsoft Outlook; in this blog post, we explain its cause and propose a solution. Let’s begin by conducting a concise review of some of the most prevalent.

What is the true utility of attachments in emails?

Email attachments are a critical instrument in the realm of business, as they enable the transmission of critical documents such as invoices and numerous others. It is not limit to email attachments that are append to messages. Sharing images and information is a simple process. Attachments to emails can be use to distribute one or more documents.

Unable to Open Attachments in Outlook

What is Preventing You from Opening Attachments in your Outlook Account?

The attachments to emails may comprise critical information that is relevant to the workplace. Failure to open it will result in the omission of critical communication. However, this issue does not arise spontaneously. There are several critical justifications for accessing email attachments within the Outlook email client.

  • Unknown Type of File: This issue will manifest itself if your computer lacks the requisite functionalities to identify input data. In the absence of Adobe Photoshop installed on your system, you will be unable to access a.PSD image file attachment that a colleague sends to you. Consequently, you must comprehend the associated file and deploy a compatible application.
  • Associate File Type with the Incorrect Program: Do you possess a program that could be utilized to open a link in a specific format, yet it remains inaccessible? This indicates that the incorrect program is associated with the file type. Consequently, this indicates that the program is flawed. You may save the file attachment, select an alternative program to access it or right-click the file.
  • The Compression of Data: In order to transmit multiple files via email, individuals compress them into a single zip file. The compressed file will subsequently be appended to the email. However, you will be unable to access the file if it is in a compressed format such as.rar ,.zip, or another similar format. As a result, compression is required prior to opening.
  • Possess immunity: The anti-virus software on your computer may also be a factor in Outlook email attachments failing to open. This application is responsible for accessing links. By means of antivirus software, it is impossible to access secure Outlook attachments.
  • The file has been corrupt: This could be the cause of the issue if the email attachment you received is invalid. You may therefore request confirmation from the provider that the link is operational in their system.

These are the Most Frequent Causes of Such Unwant Error messages:

  • In the event that the user’s access to Internet files and folders on the system or local server is momentarily restricted,
  • This error is generat when the storage capacity of the subfolder containing the Temporary Internet Files instance has been attaine.
  • Outlook logs off from accessing potentially harmful information that may compromise the user’s Outlook database or other system files due to the default security protocol. As a result, attachments in Outlook are barred automatically with one of the aforementioned errors.
  • When an Outlook user attempts to access attachments in an environment where the Outlook PST data file is corrupted or unreadable.
  • Upon the user reconnecting to the identical Outlook connection. In this particular scenario, the transient folder is populated with numerous files that share the same name. After a certain period of time, Microsoft Outlook will no longer save transient files with the same name to a temporary location.
  • When Outlook Web App users are unable to access attachments with specific file extensions from Office 365, such attachments are block.

Problem Resolve for “Unable to Open Attachments in Outlook”

Microsoft Outlook creates transient data files, which are stored in a designated folder on the user’s computer. Due to the extent of these temporary files, performance issues may arise. Occasionally, PC Cleaner fails to remove transient Outlook data files as well. Additionally, users must delete Outlook transient files manually if they are unable to view or add attachments in Microsoft Outlook.

Microsoft Outlook

Proceed as Follows to Remove Transient Outlook Files:

  • Launch the File Explorer application.
  • Click the title bar’s vacant field at the top of the file browser.
  • Enter the following text into the address bar using a text editor:

Content Outlook is located in:  C:\Users\%username%\AppData\Local\MicrosoftWindows\TemporaryInternetFiles.

  • Press submit
  • One or more arbitrarily named folders containing temporary Outlook files are displayed by Windows.
  • Click the folder twice to access the impermanent file.
  • Right-click the desired file to eliminate it.
  • Choose Delete from the menu that appears.
  • Select yes to confirm and discard.
  • Delete the temporary files from the recycle container at this moment.

Notes: Delete transient files manually in Windows in less than one minute; however, the duration may be extended based on the temporary file directory’s size.

  • Attempt to Open the Attachment after Restarting Outlook: The Outlook appendix cannot be opened inquiries require immediate attention.

While this manual approach does not offer absolute certainty, it does resolve nearly 90% of the instances where “OUTLOOK ATTACHMENTS refuse to open.” If this approach fails to fulfill your expectations, it indicates that your Outlook PST file contains an error.

An Ideal Resolution to the Problem of “Unable to Open Attachments in Outlook” in 2021, 2019, 2016

The manual process is provided at no cost; however, users may occasionally encounter confusion due to the manual’s intricate and knowledge-intensive steps. Nevertheless, should complications persist concerning Outlook attachments, the DataVare Outlook Attachment Extractor Tool can be utilized. This instrument eradicates a wide range of errors, including dishonesty. This software eradicates every issue and is compatible with every iteration of the Microsoft Outlook profile. This application significantly reduces the amount of time and effort required.

By this juncture of the blog, we expect you to have already completed a free trial of our software. This will assist you in evaluating your proficiency with the instrument. You may purchase a license key in the future to enable access to an unlimited number of email attachments.

  • Get the PST Attachment Extractor Software and put it on your computer.
  • When it’s up and running, click “Browse” to add PST and OST files.
  • Choose the type of document from which you want to get your Outlook files.
  • Click on the box next to Duplicate Attachments and get rid of them from your PST files.
  • Pick the direction you want to go and click the Browse button.
  • Press the Process Now button now.

pst attachment extractor

To conclude

Outlook users are also significantly irritated by the inability to view attachments. Investigate potential causes of the issue and devise solutions, such as removing transient files from the system and Outlook and employing the Save As function to store and access email attachments. For more serious issues, such as Outlook attachment inaccessibility, dependable and sophisticated applications like Outlook Email Attachment Extractor are suggested for the user’s advantage.