5 Reasons Why CRM Is Important for Every Business In 2021


Every business owner and manager would agree that in recent years, as technology advances, customers’ preferences and buying patterns have changed drastically. Many businesses failed to keep up with customer demands until they realized the importance of using Customer Relationship Management (CRM).

Why CRM Is Important?

Why CRM Is Important

Customers are the backbone of every business. Without them, you can’t sell and hence, make no profit which is why it’s important to make their experience with your business memorable by offering the best quality customer service, which is exactly what CRM will help you achieve. And that’s not all; with CRM software, you can also find ways to increase your lead pipeline and sales.

All in all, there’s a reason many businesses in recent years have invested in good CRM software to improve marketing campaigns, sales, and customer services. As they say, CRMs are not the future; they are the present. So, the sooner you get one, the sooner it will yield results.


There are a variety of CRM software out there. Some are centered around specific business types to suit their wants and needs in the best possible way. For example, there are CRM for real estate, and then there are CRM for logistics businesses; you can choose the one that is suited for your industry and type of business.

Therefore, in this article, we’ll be discussing why CRM is important for every business in 2021 to help you figure out the best CRM for your business and what you need to look for.

1. Improved Customer Service

There are several ways a CRM help enhance the customer experience for your business. Firstly, through a good CRM, you can personalize communication with your existing and potential customers.

Improved Customer Service

Since CRM helps gather important data such as customer information, previous purchases, and demographic information, this combined data will enable you to use customer’s first names in emails and text messaging in your marketing campaigns.

According to genesys.com, 62% of customers are likely to open an email because of a personalized line of subject. Therefore, by using the personalized communication tactic, you can connect with your customers and improve their experience with your business.

Moreover, mystartupland.com reported that 65% of customers are using social media for customer service, which is more than half of your customers. But what most businesses fail to realize is that keeping up with customer complaints, inquiries, and queries on different social media channels isn’t as simple as it seems, which is where CRM comes in.

Customer Service

A CRM will collect mentions, tags, and service requests from all over social media and send them to one single database. This will enable you to never miss out on any service request and even get back to your customers on time. Therefore, to keep your customer service on top of your competitors, a CRM may be necessary.

2. Helps Improve Sales

Martech.zone reported that businesses using CRM software noticed an increase in their sales by 29%. This can be done in several ways:

Improved Sales

  • Share Important Data with Your Sales Team: When targeting customers and companies, even the smallest mistakes can make leads turn their back on you. For example, if your sales team contacts the same lead twice, it can make your company as a whole seem disorganized. With a CRM, you can share important data regarding which leads have already been contacted and by whom to ensure you don’t lose a sale by irritating a customer.
  • Learn & Target: One of the most important CRM features includes its ability to gather crucial customer data to help you market your product or service to them correctly and hence, make a sale. With CRM, you can learn about customers’ social media activity, their behavior, and preferences. This data can help improve sales by proposing particular offers to your customer based on their behaviors.
  • Email Marketing: Regularly sending out emails to customers regarding any new deals and discount offers you may have coming up keeps them in the loop and ensures they don’t forget your company. Therefore, you can make existing customers feel remembered while also targeting new ones to boost sales.

3. Boosts Team Productivity

Employees are the ones who are most likely to use CRM more than other people in an organization. And this hasn’t always been busy since CRM requires training and may not be the easiest software to get your hands on.

Team Productivity

However, once your employees are trained and educated about the dos and don’ts of CRM, they’ll never prefer going back to old methods of manually inputting data and going through tedious spreadsheets for hours. CRM has been known to improve the team productivity of employees rapidly.

Moreover, team productivity can also be improved by using mobile CRMs. Mobile CRM can be used by employees anywhere and at any time. Forester has reported a 77% boost in productivity in companies using CRM mobile apps. Therefore, to help boost the productivity of employees, investing in a CRM is the way to go!

4. Automate Daily Tasks

CRM can help automate some redundant and time-consuming tasks. This will not only save you time but can also help utilize that time elsewhere, such as while attending to customers’ queries. Some tasks you can automate with CRM include:

CRM Automation

  • Email Sequences
  • Follow up emails and messaging
  • Sales workflows
  • Campaign analytics
  • Chatbox conversations

5. Helps Achieve Employee Accountability

CRM enables you to divide the tasks and responsibilities in your organization among employees and then follow up on their activities and work. This helps you pinpoint if any employee is making any mistakes or lagging in their work, and the problem can be solved at the right time before it can cause any harm or loss to your business.

Employee Accountability

Make sure this does not in any way means that employees should play the blame game and target each other. Instead, it’s only used to help employees acknowledge their weaknesses and help them improve.

Businesses Should Adopt CRM to Boost Sales

CRM today has become a necessity for organizations that aim to provide the best customer service and marketing campaigns for their customers. However, luckily, that’s not all the software has to offer.

CRM Software

With CRM and its list of benefits, you can improve your business drastically and rapidly for your customers, employees, and also yourself in the form of increased revenue. We hope you find our list of why CRM is important for every business in 2021 useful!