Best Benefits of Converting OLM to MSG with the OLM Converter.


In this post, we’ll demonstrate both manual and automated ways to convert an OLM file to an MGS file. Additionally, we’ll give you detailed information on the OLM file and the MSG file here.

OLM File:-

OLM is the Mac OS file extension for Microsoft Outlook. Emails, contacts, calendars, notes, tasks, and journals are just a few of the data types that Outlook keeps. Although Microsoft Outlook creates this file format, Windows Outlook cannot open it. And because of this restriction, this file is OS-dependent.

MSG File:-

The MSG file extension, on the other hand, permits the storage of email messages, tasks, contacts, appointments, and other data. MS Outlook creates an MSG file, which is then dropped and dragged to the local PC. The header of an MSG file contains simple ASCII text, while the message body may also contain attachments and links.


Both file formats were developed for various Operating Systems, after all. And as a result, a lot of users are unable to complete this process. We will thus examine the best methods to export OLM to MSG in this post after taking the necessity into account.

OLM File to MSG Conversion Technique Manual

There isn’t a straightforward manual method to help you export OLM to MSG files since, as we stated before, different operating systems support each of the two file types. However, in order to use this skill, you must complete all five of its rounds. Therefore, we’ll go over the steps in the part that follows if you want to try this technique.

First step: enable IMAP settings on your Gmail account.

  • Go to Settings in Google Workspace (Gmail) and select the Forwarding and POP/IMAP options.
  • Select the IMAP status now, then click the Save tab.

Second Step: Set up an IMAP email account in Outlook for Mac

  • Go to the Tool section of the Mac Outlook email client after launching it.
  • Next, select Account.
  • After that, add your Gmail account by entering your email address and password.

Third Step: Connect an IMAP server account with OLM data.

  • Select the data item you want to import after starting Mac Outlook.
  • Select Move, followed by Copy to Folder, by right-clicking the loaded folder.
  • To import Mac OLM to an IMAP email account, edit the Send/Receive tab and IMAP folder after that.

Fourth 4: Add OLM Data to Outlook Windows

  • Open the Control Panel and select Mail > Email Account >> New.
  • Select Manually Configure Server Settings >> Next after that.
  • The next step is to fill out your IMAP account information, along with your incoming and outgoing servers, and then select More Settings.

Fifth Step: Export OLM Data as an MSG File

  • Drag and drop the message to export the OLM file in MSG format after adding the Mac Outlook OLM data to Windows Outlook.
  • Well, the approach described above is a little complicated, and the procedure takes a long time. In the following section, we’ll introduce a top solution that can easily export OLM to an MSG file in order to make the process simple.

Professional OLM Converter Software that has been tried and tested

The OLM Converter Tool for Windows OS enables users to import, export, store, move, and convert OLM files to MSG files. Users will be able to use the tool to batch-convert Mac OLM files to MSG file format. Being an entirely independent piece of software, it can function even without Outlook being installed. As seen in the steps below, this program’s operation is quite straightforward and easy.

  • Install the “TrustVare OLM Converter” on your Windows or Mac operating system by first downloading it and running it.


  • Now, select either “Select Files” or “Select Folder” depending on your requirements.
  • The “Needed OLM Mailbox Folders” can be selected by the user by selecting them all in the tool panel. “Selective Folder Items” can be moved with this software.


  • Afterward, select “MSG” from the list of file-saving options.
  • To begin the final OLM to MSG Conversion procedure, click “Next” after that.
  • A confirmation message box with the words “Conversion Completed Successfully” will be displayed by the tool once the “Migration Process” has been successfully completed. To finalize and submit this form, click the “OK” tab.


The bottom line

We have spoken about converting the OLM files to MSG files in this article. Many users are having difficulties finishing this process. They will thus discover manual and automatic options for doing this here. But users can export OLM files to MSG file formats with attachments more easily and perfectly with the help of a professional third-party solution. There is also a free trial edition available where users can convert up to a few items or folders. There is also a licensed key available, which offers consumers extra advantages and choices.

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